Friday, August 22, 2014

My interpersonal transdimensional cosmic giggle - status update of August 2014

Hello everyone

This morning i felt compelled to write something on my old blogger blog and pump some new life into it.

I'll try to explain what i'm up to and what's going on with me these days.

So, i dunno, maybe two years ago i started a new website called and it's slowly taking shape only nowadays.

Featured on the website are some clever semi in-depth short essays on space exploration and colonising the moon in particular. That's how the website initially got started.

But something happened in 2014 which triggered events to unfold in such ways so that these events pleaded for my undivided attention and could provide for some newfound virtual space to explore.

I'm talking about one of the oldest events in the history of conscious cosmology and a phenomenon not yet very well understood by the mainstream folks, theologans, philosophers, and scientists, or it it? Answer is that no one has a clue.

At least personally i believe i left behind this amalgam of realms of htis kind knowledge and since i'm in a relatively comfy virtual observational outpost which also functions as my established basecamp and playground so i can quite safely and securely deploy sensing gear and spectral transponders all while wearing the subjective hat so that both objectivity and subjectivity in the observer engulfs the same objects of subject matter to be placed into the microlens recepticles.

Other nauts have tried several methods to gain deep understanding of something called The cosmic Giggle but i believe that if one does not apply both subjectivity and objectivity in one's observations one's understanding of this special phenomenon won't even reach subtransdimensionality trajectories.

After dealing wiht some initial material and spiritial creations of the transdimensional beings, emerging as observable facts, my status report about these intertransdimensional entities clearly shows not just intelligence and intent, but also emotion and a recognisable sense that they too, as i do, want to open the communication lines accross the flowerly chrysanthemum membrane, which is no easy task, but a task that i feel must be done nonetheless.

My latest article briefly touches this newfound playground and i hope to get something consistent out of the data i was able to sample just enough to arouse a hellova interest in these matters. The article really instilled a change in me and seeded me with the joy to see what's coming next over the transdimensional event horizon.

A couple days after writing the article about The Cosmic giggle i was enticed to try out blogging again so that resulted in this blog post

The blog post that followed might set a new writing habit in myself and thus something to keep me busy:


Betty Donelly



Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where did Betty Donelly go now?

So, yeah, where DID Betty Donelly go? ..

As of the year 2010, my passion slowly evolved and an old interest of mine grabbed my attention after many years of inactivity in that particular field. Certainly after i released my debut album, 'Betty Donelly Rocks!', I was due for a musical break and so that's where i am at now.

Instead, my new found passion is to be found in the realms of the Cosmos itself, and in particular human space flight.

So now, i find myself volunteering for an organisation active in the preliminary design studies for  a real space factory/science habitat for 50 occupants as well as a genuine space village for up to 500 people.

And so in October 2013, i created a new website called Space Affairs Consultancy to reflect my new status as a human space flight and space in general community member

Oh yeah, it's all happening right here below:

What about the old Betty Donelly, our musician and what about all you music fans and lovers?

Well, you can still support me! ..

The greatest support for me would be if you would be so kind as to purchase a copy of my debut album or one of my singles:

'Betty Donelly Official Store'

A lot of work has gone into the physical album and singles' artwork so that even though you can buy a direct download of each separate song, i truly recommend you try out one of the physical CD versions.

"I wanna help out Betty but don't feel like buying anything, what do i do?"

Well, thanks, please 'like' the Betty Donelly Facebook page below!

"Where else can i find Betty Donelly on the interwebs?" 

(Currently it just functions as a redirect to Space Affairs Consultancy)

(This is my FB profile if you want to  become my friend)

Or you can try to click one of the many websites available  in the sidebar's Micro Web Maze!


Betty Donelly

Friday, April 15, 2011

Betty migrates her Blogger Blog to

After all these years of maintaining my blog on the Blogger platform, i just made a wise decision and migrated this entire blog over to the platform, and i made sure to use my own domain name

I strongly believe offers so much more in the shape of themes and plugins, and it's totally free ..

Intending on keeping this old Blogger blog, i might not maintain and update it for a while ...

If only for the sake of good old nostalgia, i'll keep all the old post on here as well but the entire blog might serve some other purpose or project in the future ...

So here's the new link to The Official Betty Donelly Blog

That's it .. hope to see you soon on the new Blog

Lights out here at the old Blog!

Betty Donelly

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Betty Donelly got a new nose! .. it didn't hurt!


As we speak, i am sitting here behind the puter screen typing not too fast and trying to sit perfectly still while at it ...

A sort of a plaster thingie is attached to me nose and i wear some kinda moustache in the form of a bandage taped just underneath my nostrils ...

This is to prevent the clotted blood slime from endlessly flowing onto the keyboard ..

My eyes are red and blue and my whole face is swollen ... it's quite a sight ...

Just yesterday i underwent plastic surgery to feminise my nose .. a bit before 7 AM on Monday 28 March 2011 i walked into the surgery day center and soon after i heard someone call my name ...

I looked up in full anticipation and saw a lady in green gesturing me to follow her ... i asked her if arrangements were made to stay the night in another department of the hospital and apparently not!!

But she managed to get me a room for the night and the following morning ... this was due to the fact that when i visited the anaesthesia dept. some time ago to establish if i was fit to be put to sleep, as it were, i had to sign a form telling me i wasn't allowed to go home by myself the same day nor could i stay alone for the next 24 hours after surgery .. since i could not find anyone to babysit me i simply had to stay in the hospital for like two days ..

The green lady told me nicely where i could change into the silly surgical dress with them lil flowers on it i believe ... and pointed at a locker and said: "don't forget to lock the door and bring the key with you!"

i had been told to go into room 4 after i'd changed and that was exactly what i did! ... Once there the pre-surgical procedures began ... i was given a xanax and my blood pressure and weight was taken and then i was put onto a intravenous thing you know ... with the liquids, electrolytes and stuff slowly dripping into my veins via a long thin tube hanging from some kind of a stand ...

Well, by that time .. i suppose it was past 8 AM already ... the professor himself walked into room 4 and reassured me that everything would go smoothly and that he wouldn't cut off too much of my nose! ... Just like we agreed on previous appointments ... i remember he was accompanied by a young sweet looking assistant ... i felt in good hands ..

Next, they rolled my bed, well if you can call that a bed ... right into the O.R.
What a sight .. a whole team of anaestetics was already present to put Betty to sleep ...

The leader of the pack was certainly telling me some white lies when he said the mask this lady was putting over me contained oxygen! ... i betcha it was pure sleeping gas!! ..

But nevertheless they put some liquid tranquilisers directly into my veins via the long thin tube i was attached to ..

But oxygen in that mask ... come on! .. hehe ...

he asked me if i started to feel drowsy and at first i must say i didn't feel a thing ... but then .. oh boy .. oh yeah .. i felt it coming on strong and it lasted a whole minute or so ...

Next thing i know ... i was in the recovery or wakie wakie room ... i heard someone say: "you're awake now ... !" ... and oh boy yes ... i was wide awake all of a sudden!

the main guy from the sleep team had to 'sign me off' so i could be taken to a real hospital dept where i would spend the night ... well it took quiet some time because when i looked at the clock when i woke up it was elevenish AM ... and by the time i was moved into my room it was three!

And blood from my nose kept dripping into my right eye ...! So the nurse gave me some droplets out of a lil bottle and poured it right into my eye! .. ouch ..

my nose was stuffed with threads (cotton i think or so), anyways, it was surely giving me cottonmouth to begin with ..!

and the moustache (the small bandage taped right under my nostrils) kept me from spilling the place with blood ...

and it still does as i am writing this up ...

The rest of the day i remember in particular that i hadn't eaten in like two days ( i had to remain completely sober from 24 hours on before the operation ..)

So i was very pleased to see the food arrive and once it did oh yes ... did i enjoy that meal! ... as if it were my last! .. hehe

Then, at 9 PM sharp ... the professor himself (again) ... paid me a visit and he explained that the operation went well and that i would be pleased with the result .. he also told me that he'd come by the next day and that the threads would be pulled out of me nose .. i believe that was the best news i had heard all day! ...

So the following day ... that nice sweet looking assistant doctor came in and pulled the things out of me nose! ... Brrr ... that felt really funny! ... and gross too! ...

I was then officially dismissed from the hospital but had to wait several more hours till someone would come and pick me up! ...

and all the time i was bleeding .. just one thought ran and runs through my mind even as i write this down ... Stop the bleeding! ... Stop the bleeding! ..

But now i am sure the bleeding will go on for days on end ! ..

i have been prescribed numerous meds to help my nose from becoming one crusty mess .. some antibiotics and even cortisone to stop my face from being swollen ...

Next week i see the professor again, ... so i can thank him for the painless and neat nose job he's performed ... i'll give him one of me Betty Donelly postcards! ...

Thanks for reading!

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Giant Leap for Music Artists in Space! .. Live song Blue Sky from Houston Ground Control direct uplink to Shuttle Discovery Wakie call .. on Day 13!

Simplemusicworld Betty Donelly
A Giant Leap for Music Artists!

The day before touch down at Kennedy Space center in Florida, scheduled for Wednesday, a band got to play the wake up call song for Tuesday March 8, 2011 for the historic event that started more than a week ago that marks the end of the Shuttle era ..

It's been three long decades and the they Shuttle that was chosen for the last flight .. (Although i know from good source that more Shuttle flights are on their way such as STS-134 and STS-135) .. was the good old Discovery

Well anyway, day 2 of the Shuttle flight back home, started out with the traditional wakie call, and today this song was performed live from Houston Main Ground Control .. i couldn't quite make up the first part of the band's name but it was "... and the monsters" .. the fact that the song Blue Sky was perfomed live with a direct coneection to the Discovery In Flight was also a Historic Event .. this should be noted by all artists and people who are into music ..

I can tell you that at this moment there is some radio silence goin on but i believe that we gonna have a safe flight back from the old Workhorse Discovery ..

The relative motions i discussed in my report at

are such a new event that we really took really good care of the situation during the STS-133 flight home to Florida on day 2 after undocking from the ISS .. The relative motions were examined on day 2 of the Flight back home this will greatly and positively impact all further space missions ..!

More details on The Betty Donelly Official Blog .. in a while ...:

Light and Love

Betty donelly

Friday, March 04, 2011

The STS-133 humpy bumpy ride and crummy docking situation!

Space Shuttle Discovery burnt!

ok /// on with the small report of STS-133 docking to ISS Station!

We will call this day 1

|<< !! .. A Day in the life of Betty Donelly normally i would've started out my post which would look like so ..

2:08 PM on Sunday 27 February

All is quiet around the world but there has been some radicom goin on between two flight officers i think or summin .. When i opened my audio and videolines the previous afternoon i immediately saw what was going on ... The shuttle was already nearin the capture device rod when i saw what went wrong with the docking manouver

the shuttle was way off course in its trajectory towards the capture thing, both vertically and horizontally ...and the shuttle was coming in way too fast and it was bound to be some kinda humpie bumpie contact ....

so next thing i know Capcom throws in some audio and after some desperate thrust manouvers to correct the incoming angle ... The shuttle was actually docked and they were at step 6 i think .. They tried in vain to open the station hatch but to no avail ... orders came in to detach the shuttle from the station again and do the free floating thing ...

you see, the actual worries were actually due to turbulence or summin ... or gravity .. well that's what they said afterwards anyways ... that it was due to gravity .. Now they had a problem inside the station trying to open the hatch .. musta had summin to do with the pressure outside and inside the shutlle .. then it was said that during launch the shuttle got burnt and everything ...

it was a wild ride into orbit!

but the immediate concern was that they possibly woul'nt be able to open the hatch within the timeline .. in the mean time i saw them red fumes and some blue and yella and orange and ... hm ... burnt you know .. burning red! ... it's summin to do with relative motions .. i saw the colours moving fast and then they had to calm down those relative (E) motions ....

this is don' by moving flaps and then slowly moving those flaps to settle down the colour waves ... but it's the nose of the shutlle that's docked and there were no flaps at the stations's end so we all had to wait till the relative motions had somewhat died down from lotsa red blue yella and green to green in particular and then that's how it it worked ... we just had to wait it out for a real long time .. once the trouble with the relative motions were over there was there was a serious issue opening the hatch ....

so now from inside the station they tried to open the first inside cover ... but summin was wrong so they had to improvise real quick .. So they took some triangular shaped thing to block the handles of the in side cover of the hatch .. more time went by as we were having the trouble ...

they was a real problem i think with the air tightness ... you know ... i bet summin was wrong with the pressure ... but i believe it was the pressure between the shuttle and the hatch vestibule .. (a vestibule is the opening inside between the shuttle hatch and the station hatch) ..

so when they finally got the go ahead for the opening of the hatch from inside the station ... i immediately noticed summin funny .. the shuttle that had been docking from a too low an angle in its trajectory was now docked after attempt number 2 .. yes ... when i told you about the humpy bumpy docking ride they had to release the shutlle from hte station again so the shuttle and the station were free floatin for a while and the second time they got docked all right but now that the inner cover as seen from inside the station was open i saw the vestibule and behind that i could clearly see the shuttle opening was way low .. i could already imagine that the shuttle crew would have to climb their way up and through the vestibule and lo and behold ...

after another wait of some precious time the go ahead was given for the crew to come on board of the station ... they couldn't make it on their own though so it was a real acrobatic feat and they got help from the station crew to get them all the way up and through the vestibule but everyone made it in all right ... the warm welcome that's part of the tradition was seriously delayed but finally the time had come for the hugging part but there was summin real fishy goin on! ..

when the two crews finally were united inside the station there was summin missin real bad ... it's also part of the tradition for Houston Ground Control to get a free moment to vent their success by cheering and applauding and such ... but this time i heard nuffin of any of that .... i think it meant we weren't out of the worries yet ... the crew was preppin for the official ceremony to be broadcast onto the media on the Ground ... and the ceremony was held, way overdue in time for sure but the shuttle launch and docking, the crew getting inside the station ... you know ... that' s what the delay was all about! รง!!>> ...

i didn't realise it yet at day 3 but now we are at day 7 (since the docking) and it totally altered my life ... im in a situation were there's no turning back and from what i can make up from all the data there's trouble underway ... please everyone ... be safe and take good good care ... Betty out ..

Please feel free to distribute the URL link of this post .. i posted it originally on my Betty Donelly Official Blog .. link follows

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Betty Donelly has a side project: simple music world

Hello everyone!

here some news about Betty Donelly and her latest project, called simple music world!

What is it all about and why did Betty silently disappear for so long in the backdrop?

Well, to be frank, i was quite disappointed and thrown aback after i had released my first real debut album Nightmares of Love. Its physical CD version, available in

The Betty Donelly Official Store,

and accessible through

The Betty Donelly Official website,

as well as its near simultaneous digital releases on several online retail stores such as



and last but not least, the very interesting store ...


where YOU get to pick your own price for the entire album!

It's been months now since the release of Nightmares of Love and it all that time i had one person purchase the download version of my album!

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that after all my promotional efforts not only with the intent of merely selling the album, but also just trying to spread my music and get it out there, that i became increasingly disappointed as it seemed that all my efforts were in vain!

This became obvious and was reflected in my score and charts positions that strongly went downhill.

I just can't put my finger on what is going wrong here.

Is it that people are still afraid of buying stuff online? ... or is the economic downterm affecting people's purchasing habits to such an extent that even the purchase of a single MP3 song just becomes too much? ... i don't know!

I think i did everything according to THE BOOK and information of trusted sources that taught me how to proceed, because after all, i am not such a good salesperson after all so it seems.

But that got me thinking, after all i perform every activity with regard to my small music operation myself, from the music creation process to promoting and every other aspect involved, all with no advertising budgets and mostly using free resources, with that exception that i just pay for my domain names and webhosting.

So, while i slowly was alienated from my own small music operation, suddenly in November 2010, i came up with a suitable name for being what i am, i.e. a one musician band.

After i had come up with this term, i searched for it in google and found no matching results. I was onto something here! .. So i can proudly say that i coined the term 'one musician band' and that it should not be confused with a one-man-band, a term used to describe someone who plays different instruments all at the same time.

So now i had identified myself as a one musician band, a songwriter/musician running a music operation on their own, literally meaning run by one person who assumes all responsibilities and performs all and every single activity and needed actions from music creation, recording, mixing and mastering their own music, over self-publishing their music (online), to performing every aspect related to marketing and promoting themselves and their ‘fully operational (online) one musician band music operation’ all on their own.

Having witnessed first hand all the difficulties that come with running such a one musician band operation online, (because i don't have quite the expertise to talk about a one musician band operation run offline, as i don't have the means of transportation to go gigging in the 'real' world), and after having attended a LIVE webinar presented by Mr. Brendon Burchard from Experts Academy, who instantly became my hero, i entered some kind of dreamy visionary state in which i envisoned myself setting up a new project aimed at helping out people such as myself, being one musician bands.

So, i immediately found a suitable name for my new project and secured the domain name and took a hosting plan to go with it.

simple music world was born!

Now, less than a month after its birth, i have decided to write a book, that will hopefully become a must read for all aspiring and actual one musician bands out there.

So, now you know how i turned my feelings of disappointment for not being able to sell my music around in a project to help people in the same situation i find myself in.

Of course, having nothing to show for when it comes to earning decent money from my music puts some restrictions on the contents of my book and project as a whole as i can't just go about telling people how to earn a living from music as i cannot even do so myself!

But i hope nevertheless to become an authority in my field with great content of value in the non profit side of running a one musician band operation.

How to set it up, in a very hands on practical fashion, using the exact websites and music communities that i use.

And take it or leave it ... but having a worldwide all genre chart position of approx. #32,000 (today 18 November 2010) is something not everyone can brag about.

And i've been steadily going downhill coming from #19,000 by not promoting my stuff during a time period of a couple of months.

And when i put my heart and soul into it again i can really soar to higher regions believe me.

So, if you are a one musician band (aspiring or actual) or would jjust like to see what i have been up to lately just visit the simple music world Blog website below:

simple music world Blog website

and i would so much appreciate your comments on there!

because for now, .. the website's not yet been around for a whole month yet ... the only comments i get are more of the surreal kind coming from people i guess more interested in putting their backlinks on my blog pointing to their fake rolex watches and stuff like that. Sometimes it's giving me the creeps!

So really i would actually enjoy some true meaningful comments on there, even if you don't agree with my sometimes harsh words about my take on the downfall of our planet in peril.

But if you are somewhat interested in achieving higher performance levels in any of your actions or activities, as a musician, or even as a manager or whatnot, you will be pleasantly surprised by my posts series about The Performance Issue, ... of which i now already posted three rather long posts which carefully analyses The Issue of Performance, which to me is the most important aspect in the life of a one musician band.

So, that's it for today...

Oh yes, i've just released a 2009 song called silvershine on

that was previously only available on my Myspace profile so now i hope this song will help me regain precious score points and higher charts positions!