Friday, August 08, 2008

new betty donelly fan exclusive available for reverbation fans only

hello and a very good day to you

since i have been neglecting my music playing lately in favour of online activities, including a whole new fact, this blog is now integrated into my new betty donelly HOME,
so be sure to check it out...

as well as a new reverbnation fan exclusive release produced on 7 august 2008, with another recording technique which allows me to sing and play simultaneously ...if you want to listen to this secial rehearsal session version of 'in the begin' you'd better become a betty donelly fan through reverbnation

you can easily sign up to the mailing list but a better option is to register with reverbnation so you can have access to thousand of bands from allover the place...

that way you can become a fan through reverbnation which has better options like pm'ing me through the website's messaging facility

just go for it..

betty donelly

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