Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Betty Donelly TV


and welcome to Betty Donelly TV !

enjoy your stay ... i will perform my music on here on a regular basis so stay tuned ..!

TIP JAR! ... no worries! ... totally PAYPAL friendly !

Monday, July 20, 2009

hey ! i have a new official website ...!

dear boys and gurls

it's true ...i had purchased the domain name and hosting package already some time ago ... buut somehow i failed to see how to create a new link once i had figured out the homepage and to create the second page alltogether ...

i called the helpdesk but they didn't support HTML said one person ... then i called again and the explanation she gave me was spoken in tongues if you'd ask me ..

anyway, a couple months later and lots of wasted time and money i finally managed ...don't ask me how ... this is my first real website i build with HTML and all .. to get my stuff working ...

i tried testing on as many browsers as i could, and didn't even had to download the mac's safari browser because my ex-producer (yes, we just wrapped up a project together, and that's a whole" other story for a whole other blog post) happened to have a macbook on which i could test my website ...

it worked fine ...

i must say i am very proud of the accomplishment, i just used a printed HTML-course and some online tutorials and those did the trick nicely

one funny thing though ...when i first wanted to post sound samples on my website i tried it the old fashioned way ...through HTML tags ..oh boy that was such a mistake ... you should check out the sound page for yourself for the sheer simplicity with with i tackled the problem ...for one thing is sure ..these sound tags must be out of date or something but they never worked ...

my Betty Donelly official website features lots of stuff besides the songs' page like an artist section, some photos, a stories page (!!) ..well i could've thrown in a lot more of them stories but just hang on to this blog because that's where all the juicy meat behind Betty Donelly, the person and artist will shine!

now aren't you starting to get curious about my new website£?

ok well here's the link :

final note : palease! .. note that it's not a dot com thing ... so if you would like to go on my website in the future, and you would have to remember the addy by heart, please ... it's "dot pro" stand here for professional ...THAT'S ME ALL RIGHT, right?... good

nice of you to hear me wine about me new web ... hope you like it ... it's a work in everlasting progress and more has to be posted on this little sucker to get me booked into loads of gigs ! ... especially on the "book me" page !'s near empty that one!

see you inside my new homepage!

much love

i breathe the light

betty donelly