Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Best New Song in the world Competition


Betty is officially enrolled in The Best New Song In The World Competition with her fabulous entry IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH, which you can stream below in the previous post .

Please take a moment to cast your vote in a contest which divides participants in country categories ... and ... what do you guess? ..

YES ! ... currently Betty is still number one in the Belgian category and the second voting round is just around the corner as of this writing on 15 december 2009

the comp is fierce and i could still be thrown out of the first round !

counting on YOU !

here's the link where it's all happening!



Betty Donelly

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

new recordings

hello dear friends

just the other day i was sent a nice tweet inviting me to use this very cool promotional twitter app for musicians and bands

i took on the occasion to upload some previously unreleased tracks along with some other ones which are already in circulation

so, the recordings are new, DEMO versions of EPYPHITES and SKYE BOAT SONG and the other ones is my latest online single GIVE ME MY LOVE and previous released track IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH ..

do enjoy !

Betty Donelly

if you want to listen to these songs you better turn off all other audio on this blog (including the TV station ... did you know that the sound from my TV channel is the sound of the earth, captured by ultra short radio frequencies!) before choosing which player to start. thanks for understanding!

your friend

Betty Donelly

Saturday, October 10, 2009

the making of the GIVE ME MY LOVE video!

hello again!

Betty Donelly in rapid waters with the making of a new music video for her latest online single GIVE ME MY LOVE ...

here's the story:

i had submitted my song for a contest to win a music video making workshop which was actually more for cameramen and editing people but of course they needed songs and i got selected ...

i didn't have a camera crew to do the filming and the editing but the organisation who did the workshop kindly provided a crew for me ..

so .. on saturday the third, ... i knew the day was going to be very busy and hectic because after shooting the video, i had to perform with my dance group in another part of Brussels ..

well, at eight AM, my choreographer Jeroen rang my doorbell and after loading nearly all my music gear we got into his car we set off to the film studio ...

now, being the control freak that i am, and after hearing me out, the camera crew as well as the big shot director who leaded this workshop stressed that i'd concentrate on the acting and not so much on the camera points of view or techniques ...

so i kindly complied and being a good girl, i put my trust in the crew ...

first we had to create a story board on paper, where i went into a lot of detail ... the director said that it was high time to begin filming, because the whole thing had to be finished in one day ... we chose a studio with a black dance floor and mirrors on the wall, in fact a real dance studio ..

the giant room had rails for lighting and big wooden black background boards that could be moved allover ..

and so the filming began ... the crew decided to film the so called band first because i should put on my dance costume at the last filming moment .. in fact i played three different roles ... i put on a set of clothes for the bassist, which consisted of black pants and a red tunic ..my hair had just one big pigtail on top of my head which gave a nice effect ...

for the role of guitarist/singer i had a white short on (really mini!)and black stockings which in the video don'"t seem so black at all, due to various lighting ...and the guitarist/singer and the dancer had two cute pigtails ...

and then finally we filmed me in the role of the dancer ... the costume that i wore was borrowed from the wardrobe lady from our dance project .. i needed help in putting on the costume, and the lighting dude was very motivated to put me at ease , and help me with the costume and offering me drinks during the shoots and saying all sorts of cute nick names to me ...

but the other side was that it was nearly and also in effect a day of disaster ...

it started when we wanted to start filming when i noticed i didn't have my beauty case with me, so we had to go to a local store and buy all the make up all over again, which was around 26 €, which was very decent price for the many stuff that i purchased ...

in the make up room i had very little time to put it on because the camera man came like in to the room shouting "are you ready, Betty?" several times ..

after the shoot i was in the editing room when my choreographer showed up pointing at his clock and said that i had to hurry, so we quickly loaded his car again and headed t§o the dance venue where i immediately had to set up my music gear because in the dance performance i had to play some of my live music ..

BUT, in our hurry, i forgot the costume vest in the film studio so they had to have it sent over by taxi, and by the time it arrived, it was just in time to have it put on and open the show immediately ...of course everyone on our dance team was stressed out to the max but all in all despite some really nasty mistakes, the audience didn't seem to mind that much ..

so i hope you will like the video for my song GIVE ME MY LOVE

here it is ... do enjoy!

Friday, October 09, 2009

dancing into the night (and day)

hello dear reader

during a week long period from thursday october the 1st until (yes ..my birthday!).. wednesday 7th we performed six times with our dance group ...

i will have pictures of it later and a film i think as well ..

but here's the story ...

in march 2008 i was approached by Jeroen, our choreographer and i was the only person in the project then for quite a while ...

of course, since i had no formal background in dancing he started giving me workshops to learn the basics of contemporary dance

soon he was learning me some choreography for the piece but then i convinced him to start working with me improvising on totally different music genres as the music that was meant for the performances ...

so, i would improvise like 20 minutes or so on industrial music or new age or even some more mainstream oriented music while he would take notes of the good bits so i am very pleased to see that a lot of what i did on my own was integrated into the dance performances ...

later he asked me if he could use some songs of mine and if i could play them live during the performances ... and so i did!

so the whole week was very hectic with six performances .. on saturday Jeroen even had to come pick me up because i was having a video shot for one of my songs, and do the dance ...

that was a very exhausting and stressful day because we were all in a hurry the whole day long ... worst of all, i forgot the dance costume vest at the video studio and when the vest finally arrived (it was sent over by taxi)i just put it on on time to open the show! ..

it was a fantastic week, and i learned that dancing (performing) nearly every day is very exhausting but very rewarding!

The dance performnaces came to an end for now .. but we'll surely do more of the same spectacle next year!

watch out for the video and photos that will be posted i think on http://www.myspace.com/bettydonelly

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Betty Donelly TV


and welcome to Betty Donelly TV !

enjoy your stay ... i will perform my music on here on a regular basis so stay tuned ..!

TIP JAR! ... no worries! ... totally PAYPAL friendly !

Monday, July 20, 2009

hey ! i have a new official website ...!

dear boys and gurls

it's true ...i had purchased the domain name and hosting package already some time ago ... buut somehow i failed to see how to create a new link once i had figured out the homepage and to create the second page alltogether ...

i called the helpdesk but they didn't support HTML said one person ... then i called again and the explanation she gave me was spoken in tongues if you'd ask me ..

anyway, a couple months later and lots of wasted time and money i finally managed ...don't ask me how ... this is my first real website i build with HTML and all .. to get my stuff working ...

i tried testing on as many browsers as i could, and didn't even had to download the mac's safari browser because my ex-producer (yes, we just wrapped up a project together, and that's a whole" other story for a whole other blog post) happened to have a macbook on which i could test my website ...

it worked fine ...

i must say i am very proud of the accomplishment, i just used a printed HTML-course and some online tutorials and those did the trick nicely

one funny thing though ...when i first wanted to post sound samples on my website i tried it the old fashioned way ...through HTML tags ..oh boy that was such a mistake ... you should check out the sound page for yourself for the sheer simplicity with with i tackled the problem ...for one thing is sure ..these sound tags must be out of date or something but they never worked ...

my Betty Donelly official website features lots of stuff besides the songs' page like an artist section, some photos, a stories page (!!) ..well i could've thrown in a lot more of them stories but just hang on to this blog because that's where all the juicy meat behind Betty Donelly, the person and artist will shine!

now aren't you starting to get curious about my new website£?

ok well here's the link :


final note : palease! .. note that it's not a dot com thing ... so if you would like to go on my website in the future, and you would have to remember the addy by heart, please ... it's "dot pro" ..pro stand here for professional ...THAT'S ME ALL RIGHT, right?... good

nice of you to hear me wine about me new web ... hope you like it ... it's a work in everlasting progress and more has to be posted on this little sucker to get me booked into loads of gigs ! ... especially on the "book me" page ! ..it's near empty that one!

see you inside my new homepage!

much love

i breathe the light

betty donelly

Saturday, May 23, 2009

three NEW RELEASES at once @ betty donelly

hello friends

it is my pleasure to announce some songs i've just uploaded ..

first and most important NEW SINGLE is one of the earliest betty donelly gems ever written ..

the new single is called SO HARD and is featured as the first song on www.myspace.com/bettydonelly

please note that you should stop the autoplay Reverbnation player on my myspace page before hitting the play button on the regular myspace player...

and i've also got a surprise...

here you can preview the song in its entirety : THE ELEPHANTS w/ betty donelly

the song is available as a FAN EXCLUSIVE free download on SIGNUP in the designated box just below ...


as i am currently recording my complete repertoire (still a long way to go though), there will be major changes and updates in my Reverbnation and myspace players and certainly in the FAN EXCLUSIVE free dowloads section...

in other words, more songs will be made available BETTY DONELLY FAN EXCLUSIVES!

i sure hope to see you on my side, and join the rest of us by signing up in the SIGN UP BOX above

your privacy is respected and protected by myself and strict rules on REVERBNATION!

thanks for reading this post...

your friend

betty donelly

Friday, May 15, 2009

Betty Donelly gets AIRPLAY !

hello again!

Betty Donelly is proud to announce that currently her music is being aired on the Illinois based radio station INDEPENDENT MUSIC RADIO !

after being invited by someone from the radio station through myspace she was asked to send out five songs...

these are now being aired in daily rotation, mainly in the Belgian sub station....

so if you just pick Belgium as location and ALL for genres you don't have to wait long before you'll hear my music!...

FOR INFO AND AIRING TIMES please visit www.myspace.com/bettydonelly

on myspace i only post the airing times for the main station (location = ALL) and the ALL GENRES and ROCK GENRE sub stations...

because it's easier to just choose Belgium as location..you won't have to wait long i swear!

if you like my music please do SIGN UP as a fan and receive the BETTY DONELLY NEWSLETTER which is only sent out occasionally ...


note...if you don't feel like it you don't have to fill in every field in the SIGN UP FORM...in fact, only your email address is a mandatory field..!

please also spread the word about my getting AIRPLAY on INDEPENDENT MUSIC RADIO over at www.imradio.com

have a wonderful weekend

your friend

betty donelly

Monday, April 20, 2009

betty donelly recording sessios

hello there

knowing that i've been neglecting my blog lately, i thought it was time to start putting some energy into it again...

i haven't uploaded any new songs on reverbnation lately, ...oh and by the way...although i am a member of countless music communities where you can listen to some of my songs...i now exclusively upload new songs to reverbnation which i find to be the best out there...

but the reason behind the fact that i didn't upload any new songs is this...

since quite some time now i've been recording tracks, mostly electric guitar..some bass tracks and some vocals...

everything happens in a cultural center...where i am joined by an italian producer/sound engineer...we try to record as much as we can...but having to record in the main theater room, where the mixer console is situated has its disadvantages because we always have to make reservations for the room, and the room becomes less and less available...

so how did i get involved in this cultural center?...well, i got asked by this choreographer who's doing a contemporary dance project, and this guy is working for the center...

moreover, he asked me to let him use my music in the dance performance and he needs a soundtrack...besides dancing in the play, i will also be playing live on stage, ..

the soundtrack will consist of a mixture of the famous classical composer Darius Millaud and my songs, rearranged to merge with the classical masterpieces, which will result in a more contemporary, jazzy soundtrack...

still haven't met the composer/arranger of the project and it beats me how the end result will sound like...

so with all the dance rehearsals and recording sessions...i have been neglecting my online efforts a bit...so i think it's time for some serious planning on how to merge all my activities into a neat daily schedule...

so...that's it for now...

over and out

betty donelly