Saturday, December 18, 2010

Betty Donelly has a side project: simple music world

Hello everyone!

here some news about Betty Donelly and her latest project, called simple music world!

What is it all about and why did Betty silently disappear for so long in the backdrop?

Well, to be frank, i was quite disappointed and thrown aback after i had released my first real debut album Nightmares of Love. Its physical CD version, available in

The Betty Donelly Official Store,

and accessible through

The Betty Donelly Official website,

as well as its near simultaneous digital releases on several online retail stores such as



and last but not least, the very interesting store ...


where YOU get to pick your own price for the entire album!

It's been months now since the release of Nightmares of Love and it all that time i had one person purchase the download version of my album!

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that after all my promotional efforts not only with the intent of merely selling the album, but also just trying to spread my music and get it out there, that i became increasingly disappointed as it seemed that all my efforts were in vain!

This became obvious and was reflected in my score and charts positions that strongly went downhill.

I just can't put my finger on what is going wrong here.

Is it that people are still afraid of buying stuff online? ... or is the economic downterm affecting people's purchasing habits to such an extent that even the purchase of a single MP3 song just becomes too much? ... i don't know!

I think i did everything according to THE BOOK and information of trusted sources that taught me how to proceed, because after all, i am not such a good salesperson after all so it seems.

But that got me thinking, after all i perform every activity with regard to my small music operation myself, from the music creation process to promoting and every other aspect involved, all with no advertising budgets and mostly using free resources, with that exception that i just pay for my domain names and webhosting.

So, while i slowly was alienated from my own small music operation, suddenly in November 2010, i came up with a suitable name for being what i am, i.e. a one musician band.

After i had come up with this term, i searched for it in google and found no matching results. I was onto something here! .. So i can proudly say that i coined the term 'one musician band' and that it should not be confused with a one-man-band, a term used to describe someone who plays different instruments all at the same time.

So now i had identified myself as a one musician band, a songwriter/musician running a music operation on their own, literally meaning run by one person who assumes all responsibilities and performs all and every single activity and needed actions from music creation, recording, mixing and mastering their own music, over self-publishing their music (online), to performing every aspect related to marketing and promoting themselves and their ‘fully operational (online) one musician band music operation’ all on their own.

Having witnessed first hand all the difficulties that come with running such a one musician band operation online, (because i don't have quite the expertise to talk about a one musician band operation run offline, as i don't have the means of transportation to go gigging in the 'real' world), and after having attended a LIVE webinar presented by Mr. Brendon Burchard from Experts Academy, who instantly became my hero, i entered some kind of dreamy visionary state in which i envisoned myself setting up a new project aimed at helping out people such as myself, being one musician bands.

So, i immediately found a suitable name for my new project and secured the domain name and took a hosting plan to go with it.

simple music world was born!

Now, less than a month after its birth, i have decided to write a book, that will hopefully become a must read for all aspiring and actual one musician bands out there.

So, now you know how i turned my feelings of disappointment for not being able to sell my music around in a project to help people in the same situation i find myself in.

Of course, having nothing to show for when it comes to earning decent money from my music puts some restrictions on the contents of my book and project as a whole as i can't just go about telling people how to earn a living from music as i cannot even do so myself!

But i hope nevertheless to become an authority in my field with great content of value in the non profit side of running a one musician band operation.

How to set it up, in a very hands on practical fashion, using the exact websites and music communities that i use.

And take it or leave it ... but having a worldwide all genre chart position of approx. #32,000 (today 18 November 2010) is something not everyone can brag about.

And i've been steadily going downhill coming from #19,000 by not promoting my stuff during a time period of a couple of months.

And when i put my heart and soul into it again i can really soar to higher regions believe me.

So, if you are a one musician band (aspiring or actual) or would jjust like to see what i have been up to lately just visit the simple music world Blog website below:

simple music world Blog website

and i would so much appreciate your comments on there!

because for now, .. the website's not yet been around for a whole month yet ... the only comments i get are more of the surreal kind coming from people i guess more interested in putting their backlinks on my blog pointing to their fake rolex watches and stuff like that. Sometimes it's giving me the creeps!

So really i would actually enjoy some true meaningful comments on there, even if you don't agree with my sometimes harsh words about my take on the downfall of our planet in peril.

But if you are somewhat interested in achieving higher performance levels in any of your actions or activities, as a musician, or even as a manager or whatnot, you will be pleasantly surprised by my posts series about The Performance Issue, ... of which i now already posted three rather long posts which carefully analyses The Issue of Performance, which to me is the most important aspect in the life of a one musician band.

So, that's it for today...

Oh yes, i've just released a 2009 song called silvershine on

that was previously only available on my Myspace profile so now i hope this song will help me regain precious score points and higher charts positions!

Friday, November 26, 2010

One Musician Bands – a new trend for ‘lonely’ songwriters and musicians?

One Musician Bands – a new trend for ‘lonely’ songwriters and musicians?

A Blog post written by Betty Donelly as a guest writer for the highly renowned Blog of Music Biz Coach Ty Cohen's MusicBizCenter's famous Blog! i got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share my new project, simple music world with a world wide audience of 100,000's of readers! .. It's currently featured on the very home page

Monday, October 18, 2010

Betty Donelly .. too hot to handle ?!

dear friends!

a lot of stuff has been happening lately ..

last week or so the nice folks from AKA music invited me to create a profile to round up producers for Betty Donelly's next release ..

they want me in the recording studio and with YOUR sweet low budget financial support no less!

go here to find out what's it all about ! .. learn more >> !

basically the whole idea is to gather the necessary funds to produce Betty's next album, a seven song EP .. which im working on these days and in the coming months ..

on the AKA profile (this blog post title is also a link to that profile page) everything is explained in detail, including the album title and seven provisory song work titles

no! ... im not sharing the titles here .. you'll really will have to visit the page! ..

but you won't be dissappointed ! .. just look at the darn thing as a Betty Donelly EPK or Electonic Press Kit of sorts ..

it has my main music videos on there,more songs (full versions streams)than on any other Betty Donelly page, some cool photos of previous artwork and all kinda neatly arranged links to my official website and stores and so on and so forth

(just this: autorecognition has placed facebook icons on most of my links i've put on there, even though they aren't FB pages .. so you'll just have to blindly click the links and see where you'll end up! .. sorry bout that little glitch in the system .. not my mistake!)

so .. drop everything you're doing , turn off your telly, radios and switch off your cell phones because you are in for the biggest Betty Donelly surprise treat with songs nowhere else to be found on the worldwide interwebs ..

just do it now .. let yourself go! .. you wi!l be glad you did

here the complete link for you once more :

and also ... it's been my B day .. Happy birthday Betty!

see ya next time !

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Betty Donelly - october 2010 news

hello friends

after my spiritual adventure i guessed i needed some time off away from all musical activities ..

this was also due to the fact that i had just released my debut album 'nightmares of love', available as a physical CD in the Official Betty Donelly Store , and as download in all main well known outlets such as iTunes, eMusic, Spotify and a buncha others which i cannot recall right now ..

oh yes, noteworthy is the fact that i got an invite from Amazon Central to try out their Beta version of their new Amazon Central artists stores thing ...

and also noteworthy ... is another invitation i got from the nice folks over at music downloads retailer Mavaru where i had the opportunity to list my album before the actual store opened up for all artists ... so at the start it was by invitation only and the best thing about Mavaru is that you get to pick your own price for the entire album download as of $1

here's the link :

it had been 5 or 6 years now since 2004, whith the recordings of two songs, my untouchable friend, and the void, which marked the start of Betty Donelly's solo endeavours, that i had been working nearly day and night, at least the first years to get a decent online presence ... and learning stuff about internet marketing and such .. but after all these years, i can hardly say my littlle business is thriving ...

i mean ... i tried all the usual stuff from SEO to social bookmarking, social networking, blogging etc ... but i hardly seem to be getting any results ...

so i think it was july when i cracked and decided to take some months off from all musical activities ...

here's what i ended up doing instead .. at first i thought i'd amuse myself just chatting on this international chatsite which clearly stated it was a website for individuals as well as businesses ..

so even though i considered myself on a break ... i got this clever idea .. i have this medium sized banner of myself whith my logo, my slogan, my photo and my website URL i taped the banner to this big cardboard box i just happened to have lying round from buying a digital drum set ... (more on this later) .. i also registered a permanent room which i would consider to be my business room .. ! .. lol ...

well i placed the banner box right behind me and let the webcam do its work even when i was asleep so the banner with my URL would be always visble ... well .. it lasted some two weeks when i got a message from a site operator urging me to do away with the banner because my website URL was pointing to a commercial store! .. oh man ... now i had been looking at my stats (my Revebrnation stats and in particular the charts positions as well as my official website hits and while it lasted i had some incredible results ..) .. my RN worldwide all genre chart positions went from some 30,000 to around 19,000 ... i had stumbled upon the very best method of getting traffic in quite some time ... without doing much and even while i was asleep ...

i still can't understand why the chat website admins and owners say their website is for business while you can't even point your cam on a piece of vinyl mentioning your website ...

so that triggered me, after like two months of my musical break ... to start working on my music again ....

at first i started playing 10 minutes here and there, quickly being discouraged by my deteriorated musical skills .. my singing and playing has seriously suffered from doing nothing during two months or so ...

but i managed to release two physical CD singles ... to the dance (a four track single) and a two track ultrarare single edition of the void/my untouchable friend .. both are real physical CD's and they are only available in the Official Betty Donelly Store in the stores section of

currently i am starting to feel comfortable playing music again and as i told you i've purchased a digital drum set (you know it looks like real drums only they are rubber pads but although it can be programmed i opted for some gear that can be played with real wooden drum sticks because i know nothing about MIDI .. MIDI is like that programmable music and beats which takes eons to learn if you're very puter savvy and all lol ... i must say i took the conscious decision years ago never to get involved in MIDI and programmable stuff related to music ... it's just not my cuppa tea ! ...

so i will start by re-releasing some songs but with drum parts and i have already been working on the drums of my untouchable friend ... which is a simple pop song ... and as it happens it's my first ever Betty Donelly solo release (2004) ...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

back from Poland!


with my bag packed and my two guitars already secured by our team, which i joined in one of Brussels' railway stations in the morning, we took the train for Charleroi which was quite an uneventful trip and from there we had just missed our shuttle bus to Brussels south airport ..

we were kinda just in time to get the luggage on the plane, .. my guitars got a special treatment and was put in the special compartment where also the animals are staying on flight ...

the flight to Poland was also quite uneventful with bright weather but as we were flying in the dark there was not much to see

when we arrived in Warsaw the folks from the festival came to pick us up and drove us to the (yes yes) holiday resort full of chalets or wooden cabins and we could n't do anything more than go to sleep ..

the next day was a free day ... it dawned on me that traveling with a leader ... (as a solo band im used to being my own band leader hehe) can cause much frustration but it wasn't until after the show that i brought it up to the leader (our choreographer) ..

but anyway .. the following day, i think it was a monday .. we arrived at the big hall theather where the inauguration of the festival would be taking place ..

first up in the rehearsing time was my soundcheck .. i didn't brought an amplifier but they kindly provided one for me ... but when we checked the sound of my ULTRACURE guitar (hehe it's such a baby that one, all black with an oversized body and moon stars silver pearl inlays), well it seemed clear that we would amp the acoustic guitar also directly from the sound system and not use the amplifier ... it gave muchj more result that way ..

in the soundcheck i played some of the songs i would play anyway but as the last song i played my latest single 'to the dance' which was such a thrill to hear my evolved vocals ringing through the theather, even though there were only a few people listening ...

after the soundcheck we went through the whole dance sequences ... me getting last minute corrrections for a duo with another female dancer .. we were at maybe one hour from showtime but because we hadn't rehearsed this part too much i still had some final touches where i needed the help from my choreographer ...

after the final rehearsal we had 15 minutes for wardrobe time so i got help to get into my costume, which looks very baroque, and i got beat! ...that means they put make up on my face and when we were done it was just in time to get behind the stage while the i nauguration speech was held ...

i didn't know it but this festival was a part of the big Biënnale festival, a two yearly event which takes place allover Europe ...

there was TV coverage and so when i heard the applause i knew it was time to get on stage ... yes . i had to open the whole thing and took my guitar and first thing i did was something that is not done in a dance piece but i took my ULTRACURE and stepped to the microphone and gently shouted 'hello Poland' .. after which i sang and played my song 'deep' ..

if you believe that after this song other dancers would take the stage ... well hell no! ... i got backstage and made my way all the way to the other back end of the stage (in the mean time the piano player was doing something fill up the time until i was in place to once more take the stage and perform my first solo dance followed by an exhausting duo with another dancer ... so i guess the first 20 to 25 minutes of the whole piece i was feeling like a star! ..

i got nice rounds of applause everytime i did something and especially when i had just exhausted myself dancing and then just after that having to sing a song with my guitar of course .. it wa&s so funny because the peopel in the room laughed because i had to start singing while being out of breath ..but i could handle it of course ...

and so the show went on and on for like a hour and 15 minutes, or an hour and a half im not so sure ... but i had the greatest time ever ...

after the show there was a woman who could'nt speak a word of english but she came to me ... took my face in her two hands and kissed me on the mouth ...!

another girl also came to say hello and she uttered 'YOU are MAGIC!' ...

well i must say i was very pleased with all the attention from the art lovers but the day after i became quickly frustrated with the fact that i kinda felt all alone again .. i won't talk about my frustrations here in this post because it is pointless to start accusing people in public ... but the initial rush of success was over very quickly and i was intensely glmad to be home again ..

i've learned some things about being in a team and i've also learned something about having a boss on board

but the show must go on !

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

Saturday, May 29, 2010

into The Void (part 3)


as promised, with some delay, here finally a little sketch of what happened during the spiritual workshop in a small village maybe 5 km from Steenwijk, The Netherlands

after breakfast with my lovely host girl, i remember taking out much time to get under the shower and get ready ...

the cost for staying the night there was an unbelievable low 18 € ..

anyway ... the man who also worked for The Muse, the organisation which did the workshop, came to pick me up and off we went ..

in fact, i was a bit disappointed when i heard the Transformation Game we were about to play, was actually a real board game ..

in this game i had to go through different stages of life in this order ..

- the basic level (survival)
- the emotional level
- the cognitive level
- the spiritual level

now the funny thing was that when the game was about to start our guide (there was just one other participant and the guide), said that she would do something she had never done before and that she would actually participate in the game ...

she wanted to do this because the theme i had brought to the game .. to experience reunion with the Ultimate Cosmic Creative Source, was so peculiar that she wanted a piece of the action!

she also said that she told about my theme to a spiritual magazine and taht they would include it in their next issue ...

so the game began

it was played with dice and first we had to fall on an angel on the board to get born .. then the game really took off ..

i got a large card for the basic level ... this card would then contain all the smaller cards that i would gather when the game would progress ..

i don't actually remember all the smaller cards but i know this ... somehow i rushed through the basic and emotional levels to the point where after some 15 minutes to half an hour i started to panic that the game would be over for me in no time .. and i rode the train for four hours , stayed for the nigbt and everything ... so i was getting a bit worried .. but i slipped into the cognitive level i actually said to myself that i should find ways to slow down my life game and so taht's exactly what i did .. there were possibilities to skip turns in this game and i used them frequently ..that meant that i got to pick some other smaller cards ...

in fact, there were 'angel' cards, 'insights' cards, 'obstacle' cards and 'guidance from the spiritual realm' cards ..

one obstacle card which i had and which striked me the most was 'acceptance' .. yes! ... as a gender dysphoric person i'm having a lot of trouble with acceptance, even from my family ... i must also tell you that in the offline world i don't have one friend ... oh sure i have nice collegues as a dancer but they're not really friends either ...

and in the street or in the subways and trams, trains and buses i also have sometimes a difficult time to be accepted because some people just have to laugh at me or worse ..

and then it dawned on me ... that i don't really have to worry about those things regarding acceptance because i have the power to let it all go! ...

then after being in the cognitive level for some time .. in which i had some other insights as well ...

i finally entered the spiritual level in the game and i got cards like 'union', and other things that really corresponed with the theme i wanted to experience ...

now even a week before my trip to The Netherlands i pondered upon the fact that i would enter a special state of consciousness and would enter The Cosmic Void ... , well during the game i felt myself entering this void and then near the end of the game i believe strongly that i indeed got in touch with The Source .. briefly ...

when we took a break, just before dinner, i went into the garden and smoked a doobie, ...

then the strangest thing happened to me which i think (for me anyway) is proof of what i set out to do became reality! ..

here it is:

there was a very small pond in the garden surrounded by brisck like but also natural like stones which were carefully placed around the pond ..

i randomly and without thout took one stone, and i returned with it to the table where i had rolled my doobie some good feet away from th pond ..

i started feelin the stone, its texture and weight and i really caressed it as wel as just touching it without moving ... i wanted so much to feel one with this stone because it would make me feel that what i wanted to experience was indeed possible ..

and then the first epiphany happened ... i layed my fingers randomly on the stone, spread them some and what happened next was in no way normal at all! ..

in the stone were like naturally cut out little nichesand i swear i didn't do this on putrpose but when i layed my fingers on the stone they fitted (all of my fingers!) precisely in those niches, which were so small the naked eye woudl have had difficulies noticing them ...µ

i started to become ecstatic and thrilled .... i really felt the connection with nature and thus with The Ultimate Cosmic Source ...

i walked back to the pond to lay down the stone again and my eye fell on the stone next to the one i had held in awe .. i took the two stones ( please remember that i had no clue whatsoever anymore where i had first picked up this stone) and what do you know ...!

the two stones were once a whole... the pieces fitted together perfectly and now i was really getting high on adrenaline dopamine and serotonine and it wasn't just the doobie alone that gave me this effect .... i was really high when i returned into the house were dinner and some good conversation would bring me back down to earth a little ...

at the end of the whole session, the other (female) participant, asked if she c oudl touch my body for like half an hour or so ..

she didn't ask me to undress or anything and the whole touchings tuff was really clean ...

it was just that she was preparing herself to give workshops in the massaging or touchin business hehe and she wanted to practice a little ..

the funny thing is that, after the ecstatic feelings i encountered outside, when alone with the stones, i started to come down and i felt myself slipping into the nothingness of The Void again, which i must say, certainly lasted for a week after i got back home ...

now The Void, The Cosmic Void, is not just emptiness, when i experience the void i became Absolute Consiousness, ... not only of her primordial emptiness but alsoa strange paradoxal feeling ofessential Fulness ..

it's a vacuum, but in the mean time also a plenum, where nothing seems to be missed out ...

it seems to hold the whole of Existence in a potential form

and, that what i think is very important, suprpasses every dichotomy, and in particular, the dichotomy between Existence and Non-Existence

i just can't put the exact words on it, it can't be explained in normal words, The Void has to be experienced and only then does one understand ....

even though the story with the stones i held, is totally inexplicable, it opened my eyes and for a brief moment i understood!

all in all, considering my i nitial disappointment when i realised the whole thing was only a board game ... i can only speak positive of the whole experience ...

but i did had to do some thing on my own ... like walking in the garden and taking the initiative to play with those magic stones, to actually feel the wonders and miracles The Ultimate Cosmic Source is capable of rendering,

this means that part of The Source lies within each of us and can be unleashed ..

exaclty how it came to be was a total surprise for me ...

as with the game, which was played with dice, meaning coincidence had a lot to do with it ...
so did my experience, because if, in the spur of the moment, if i hadn't picked up and played with those stones i would never have experienced thsi magical moments ..

that is something which my normally very rational mind has still difficulties with ...

i used to neverf believe in coincidence but boy, i do now!

all in all i would rate my experioence with The Transformation game very good, but only because i took initiatives on my own ...

thanks for reading

this concludes my writings about my trip to The Netherlands and the spiritual workshop !

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

into The Void ! (part 2)

so here's part 2 of my trip to Steenwijk, a village way up north in holland ...

so when the coffeeshop seemed to close, i went to a bar just 2 houses to the left in the same street .. at first people were somewhat weary of me but that soon made place for respect ...

i started chatting with the different boys and girls in the bar and some of us ended up doing a real karaoke hehe

then i met this chinese bloke who came into the bar around 2:30 AM i believe ..

i was asking around if there'd be some other bar open because this one was also going to close ...

and so this chinese guy invited me to yet another place where i could actually dance

it was so awesome ! ... i danced the hours away and was totally sweaty allover to the point where my eyes would hurt from the moisture in my make up ... well just some eyeliner!

then the lady behind the bar hung a ring of flowers onto my neck ...

i knew i was accepted here in Steenwijk ..

but then this bar closed also and the chinese guy offfered to go at his place ...

i stepped into a chinese restaurant and the boy was like you are my guest, please be seated ... and such ... i drank coffee because it'd keep me wide awake ..

well i won't go into any further details but i can officially confirm that nothing happened .. ...

i had to get to my sleeping quarters place for breakfast and since i kinda lost where i was at the boy sent for a taxi which he gladly paid ..

so i got 'home' just at it turned 7 AM ...and the lady and i had a splendid breakfast

.. in order to fully well being able to do the workshop i only ate one sandwich, and some bits from the other things that adourned the table

also spending a white night, or not sleeping during the previous night and playing my life out to the fullest this important night .. we'll it was very important to me

remember im still preparing myself for that spiritual quest i was about to embark on

i had been studying the matter of reunion with the Ultimate Cosmic Creative Source

that was my intention to achieve this reunion

but how the workshop played itself out is something i'll tell you next time!

more to come ..

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

Monday, May 10, 2010

into The Void ! (part1)

hello dear reader

ok .. last friday .. musta been up at 5:30 AM or so ...
i always am such an early bird ..

by 9 AM it was time to arrange the finishing touches ..

i was going places! .. i wanted this workshop to work for me so much ! .. and so it was done ...

at noon i engaged in my spiritual quest ... i sat on the train to rotterdam
the train went by the antwerp province, and then the south of the netherlands, ...

anyway i had to switch trains and arrived an hour too early ! .. so i had like the time to explore the village ...

anyhoo ..

the lady from the workshop took me to my sleeping quarters for the night , which were situated in a special house that seemed to be maintained by another lady, who did this service for bikers in transit and such ...

we talked for quite some time ... we drank coffee .. she asked me if i wanted to explore the city on my own and i said yes ...

soon after, eightish like time in the grey damp evening, i found myself puffing a doobie in the only coffeeshop in town ..

i had such a great time there ...

i talked with some boys .. and gave my business card to the lady of the coffeeshop ...

they had like several puters and they'd charge 1€ per hour for the internet ..

so that got my mind spinning ... i sat behind the puter and started doing some promotion and sending some messages to friends ..

after i sat down some more in the couch ... there were several couches in one of the corners .. and at closing time i went to a bar ...

more to come ...

Betty Donelly

Saturday, April 17, 2010

new album Nightmares of Love out now in Betty Donelly STORE!

hello again!

i have the pleasure to announce my debut album is ready to roll of the online shelves !

the title of the masterpiece is 'nightmares of love', which will undoubtedly trigger your inner self which is invited by the Muses themselves to partake in a large emotional and even otherwordly journey, not only into my soul but perhaps even your own!

it's a 12 track album, currently available only in my online store

and one could say it's kind of my best of .. songwriting efforts ...

so here you have it ...

official Betty Donelly STORE

i'd say, get the album and support my preparations to start a non profit project, which could be helpful to myself and other musicians and music related folks...!

i would be eternally greatful!

oh yes you will find that in my store there's a wonderful women's TEE with my logo on the front and a cool photo of me on the backside ...

please allow some time to prepare other items in the said store! hehe

so this is it

have a look right here:

official Betty Donelly STORE

Friday, April 16, 2010

a new Betty Donelly is emerging

hello dear friend

it sure has been an awful long time that i posted something on my blog ...

the reason for this may be that i vowed last year to take more actions in the offline world and not so much bother about my chart ranks!

it was surely a big shame that while i neglected my online activities more and more, i got less and less messages and comments from friends ... i should and really will reconnect with those fine people out there ... especially on where i have most friends ...

in the offline world my connection skills are still poor and weak and as i work always from home and at the cultural center where i dance i don't have much time or energy left to go out there at night and into the world !

so i still find myself alone and most disturbingly, without band ...

my gender situation must play an important role in that i don't attract musicians maybe because they are afraid to be connected with someone who stands out of normality as much as i do ...

oh yes , last saturday we did a great dance performance in the context of a festival, ... our show was great, i had to open the dance, dancing to my own recorded music ... there were two other dancers, including my choreographer who had taken on the role as dancer ..

the two other songs where mine as well and i got to play them live, which was good!

i must say i had magic moments with Myriam, until she started using her cell phone and something broke inside of me and we drifted away from each other the rest of the night ...

her contract is over now ...but maybe she will return in some months from now, to start dancing with us..

i was heart broken when i got home and had loud crying spells which continued the following day ..

i know the reason i cried is that that magic between Myriam and i was gone in that moment but the fact i had started taking hormone gel and anti-testosterone pills has a big influence on my crying like a child but not only that ...

sometimes i just get such uncontrollable laughter kicks that you would think i'd gone mad or so hehe ...!

yes i have only started taking the mones at the beginning of the month of march, but there's already a big difference my pants that i feel are already starting to get difficulties wrapping them around my butt!

well ... that's it for now !

i was letting myself go a bit on the worldwide interweb but i am slowly entering the zone again ...

feel free to comment and friends of my blog, ...i know you are out there so...

don't be shy!
post me a reply!

Light and Love

Betty Donelly