Saturday, April 17, 2010

new album Nightmares of Love out now in Betty Donelly STORE!

hello again!

i have the pleasure to announce my debut album is ready to roll of the online shelves !

the title of the masterpiece is 'nightmares of love', which will undoubtedly trigger your inner self which is invited by the Muses themselves to partake in a large emotional and even otherwordly journey, not only into my soul but perhaps even your own!

it's a 12 track album, currently available only in my online store

and one could say it's kind of my best of .. songwriting efforts ...

so here you have it ...

official Betty Donelly STORE

i'd say, get the album and support my preparations to start a non profit project, which could be helpful to myself and other musicians and music related folks...!

i would be eternally greatful!

oh yes you will find that in my store there's a wonderful women's TEE with my logo on the front and a cool photo of me on the backside ...

please allow some time to prepare other items in the said store! hehe

so this is it

have a look right here:

official Betty Donelly STORE

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