Saturday, December 18, 2010

Betty Donelly has a side project: simple music world

Hello everyone!

here some news about Betty Donelly and her latest project, called simple music world!

What is it all about and why did Betty silently disappear for so long in the backdrop?

Well, to be frank, i was quite disappointed and thrown aback after i had released my first real debut album Nightmares of Love. Its physical CD version, available in

The Betty Donelly Official Store,

and accessible through

The Betty Donelly Official website,

as well as its near simultaneous digital releases on several online retail stores such as



and last but not least, the very interesting store ...


where YOU get to pick your own price for the entire album!

It's been months now since the release of Nightmares of Love and it all that time i had one person purchase the download version of my album!

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that after all my promotional efforts not only with the intent of merely selling the album, but also just trying to spread my music and get it out there, that i became increasingly disappointed as it seemed that all my efforts were in vain!

This became obvious and was reflected in my score and charts positions that strongly went downhill.

I just can't put my finger on what is going wrong here.

Is it that people are still afraid of buying stuff online? ... or is the economic downterm affecting people's purchasing habits to such an extent that even the purchase of a single MP3 song just becomes too much? ... i don't know!

I think i did everything according to THE BOOK and information of trusted sources that taught me how to proceed, because after all, i am not such a good salesperson after all so it seems.

But that got me thinking, after all i perform every activity with regard to my small music operation myself, from the music creation process to promoting and every other aspect involved, all with no advertising budgets and mostly using free resources, with that exception that i just pay for my domain names and webhosting.

So, while i slowly was alienated from my own small music operation, suddenly in November 2010, i came up with a suitable name for being what i am, i.e. a one musician band.

After i had come up with this term, i searched for it in google and found no matching results. I was onto something here! .. So i can proudly say that i coined the term 'one musician band' and that it should not be confused with a one-man-band, a term used to describe someone who plays different instruments all at the same time.

So now i had identified myself as a one musician band, a songwriter/musician running a music operation on their own, literally meaning run by one person who assumes all responsibilities and performs all and every single activity and needed actions from music creation, recording, mixing and mastering their own music, over self-publishing their music (online), to performing every aspect related to marketing and promoting themselves and their ‘fully operational (online) one musician band music operation’ all on their own.

Having witnessed first hand all the difficulties that come with running such a one musician band operation online, (because i don't have quite the expertise to talk about a one musician band operation run offline, as i don't have the means of transportation to go gigging in the 'real' world), and after having attended a LIVE webinar presented by Mr. Brendon Burchard from Experts Academy, who instantly became my hero, i entered some kind of dreamy visionary state in which i envisoned myself setting up a new project aimed at helping out people such as myself, being one musician bands.

So, i immediately found a suitable name for my new project and secured the domain name and took a hosting plan to go with it.

simple music world was born!

Now, less than a month after its birth, i have decided to write a book, that will hopefully become a must read for all aspiring and actual one musician bands out there.

So, now you know how i turned my feelings of disappointment for not being able to sell my music around in a project to help people in the same situation i find myself in.

Of course, having nothing to show for when it comes to earning decent money from my music puts some restrictions on the contents of my book and project as a whole as i can't just go about telling people how to earn a living from music as i cannot even do so myself!

But i hope nevertheless to become an authority in my field with great content of value in the non profit side of running a one musician band operation.

How to set it up, in a very hands on practical fashion, using the exact websites and music communities that i use.

And take it or leave it ... but having a worldwide all genre chart position of approx. #32,000 (today 18 November 2010) is something not everyone can brag about.

And i've been steadily going downhill coming from #19,000 by not promoting my stuff during a time period of a couple of months.

And when i put my heart and soul into it again i can really soar to higher regions believe me.

So, if you are a one musician band (aspiring or actual) or would jjust like to see what i have been up to lately just visit the simple music world Blog website below:

simple music world Blog website

and i would so much appreciate your comments on there!

because for now, .. the website's not yet been around for a whole month yet ... the only comments i get are more of the surreal kind coming from people i guess more interested in putting their backlinks on my blog pointing to their fake rolex watches and stuff like that. Sometimes it's giving me the creeps!

So really i would actually enjoy some true meaningful comments on there, even if you don't agree with my sometimes harsh words about my take on the downfall of our planet in peril.

But if you are somewhat interested in achieving higher performance levels in any of your actions or activities, as a musician, or even as a manager or whatnot, you will be pleasantly surprised by my posts series about The Performance Issue, ... of which i now already posted three rather long posts which carefully analyses The Issue of Performance, which to me is the most important aspect in the life of a one musician band.

So, that's it for today...

Oh yes, i've just released a 2009 song called silvershine on

that was previously only available on my Myspace profile so now i hope this song will help me regain precious score points and higher charts positions!