Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Best Musician’s Resource Out There!

The Best Musician’s Resource Out There!
by: Ty Cohen

Is there a particular musician resource out there that has worked for you or are you still looking? If you are reading this article, then most likely you are still looking. Trying to promote your CD, get signed, book gigs, build a fan base, gain exposure and impress A&R are all common goals of up and coming artists. Do you feel that you have exhausted all avenues there are? Well, luckily, you are wrong. Sometimes it takes thinking outside the confines of our hometown or state. You just need a shove in the right direction to get you going.

Great music promotional ideas are within arms reach. Where do you go when you need to look up the number for a plumber, movie theater or the electric company? Why of course, the yellow pages. But did you know that there is a yellow pages for the music industry? There sure is and I would suggest you look into acquiring it as soon as possible.

The powerful musician resource, the industry yellow pages, includes listings to over thousands of radio stations, clubs, venues, music studios, CD manufactures, producers and U.S. and International record labels. In addition to this, there are hundreds of listings for record stores, music distributors, press contacts, music conferences, promoters and managers. If you are trying to promote your CD, then there is no excuse to not have this incredible musician resource.

With the industry yellow pages in the palm of your hands, your music promotional ideas are infinite. You can promote your CD and your music to people all over the United States and over 40 countries all over the world. You can book gigs, find a manufacturer for your CDs, price music studios and even get hooked up with a great manager. It is an insanely powerful tool for the musician who feels they have hit a brick wall.

An independent artist will need all the help they can get and this is where you are going to find it. You no longer have to repeatedly use the same venues and solicit the same people. Be prepared to reach thousands of contacts with this effective musician resource. This might just be the key to your absolute success in the music industry. Promote your CD the right way with all the right resources from day one!

About the Author:
Ty Cohen, the online music industry's most recognizable voice is the former owner of a successful independent record label, current owner of Platinum Millennium publishing and nation-wide music industry seminar speaker and panelist. He is also the author and creator of over 40 best-selling music business books, reports, courses, audio products and other music industry "How to" resources, that have helped tens of thousands of individuals like you to successfully find their way in the music business. Visit for more information on Music Promotional Ideas, How to Promote Your CD, and Musician Resources.

Who Can Start an Independent Label?

Who Can Start an Independent Label?
By: Ty Cohen

Are you a struggling artist who just wants their music to be heard or are you someone who is frustrated with the major labels and everything that comes along with them? It doesn’t matter who you are or what you have accomplished, anyone who has the desire can learn how to start an independent record label. Over the next few minutes, we are going to explore why starting an Indie label is such a great idea.

Let’s say you are that struggling artist who can’t seem to catch a break. You want your music recorded and released to the public but can’t seem to get signed. Well, now-a-days, this isn’t a problem. Even if you thought you didn’t know how to start a record label before, you are about to learn just how easy it is…

Get in the studio, record your album and start selling. Is it really that easy? Well, yes and no. Yes, that is what you do and once you have accomplished the first step then you are well on your way.

Some people say they want to know how to start and run your own record label but they are worried because they aren’t artists themselves. That is absolutely ok. Maybe you are just a fan or just a lover of music, not a performer. This may be a plus for you. Although not always true but sometimes the creative artsy types have a harder time running the business side of a label. Maybe you should team up and have the best of worlds, a lover of and a performer of music.

Independent labels offer freedom for artists and owners. They also are known to have a bigger return on investment because there are less people to split profits with. You will retain complete creative control and all the rights to your music. If you have been searching for how to start an independent record label, then look no further. The future is in the palm of your hands. It is relatively inexpensive in the beginning and when profits are generated then you will expand.

The time is now because the music market is expanding and the door is wide open for independent labels. It is better than ever so you need to act. Find a mentor that can help you learn how to start a record label if you need to. But you need to get in while the getting is good.

About the Author:
Ty Cohen, the online music industry's most recognizable voice is the former owner of a successful independent record label, current owner of Platinum Millennium publishing and nation-wide music industry seminar speaker and panelist. He is also the author and creator of over 40 best-selling music business books, reports, courses, audio products and other music industry "How to" resources, that have helped tens of thousands of individuals like you to successfully find their way in the music business. Visit for more information on how to start an independent record label, how to start a record label and how to start and run your own record label.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Betty Donelly joins the International Songwriting Competition!

Betty Donelly joins the International Songwriting Competition!

One week after celebrating my fourthiest birthday with some close friends of mine it was time to start thinking about the International Songwriting Competition.
The deadline was 15 october (on a sunday), but the post office closed its doors on friday 12 october at 5 PM.
On Monday I had a friend musician come over to give me some tips and tricks for the recordings and to help with the selection of the songs. Eventually we settled on three songs which had to be recorded in three days (tuesday, wednessday and thursday), leaving friday to do some final mixing (that's what i thought), burn the songs onto cd and get it posted before 5 PM friday...Eventually the envelope was stamped at 3 PM!

Two of the songs had minor changes compared to the original versions and one song (in this moment) was lacking a bassline altogether. The first two days I was on schedule and had recorded epyphites and the godly machine, but on thursday i still had to invent the bassline to 'in this moment' and was quite running out of time...You see, I had to invent it then practice the bassline and record it error-free...You surely can imagine that I was getting a bit nervous as the day went by and as I had to stop playing at 10 PM so to not disturb the neighbours. It seemed like I was getting nowhere but in the end I managed just fine and considering the deadline (which by the way is now extended until somwhere in november), i can say that i am quite pleased with the result...Sure, it still sounds amateurish but hey, i did it didn't I?...

I posted the songs on my betarecords page .

I presented the songs to ISC in the following order:
1. in this moment (NEW SONG RELEASE)
2. epyhites alt. version
3. the godly machine alt. version

I would very much appreciate any comments you might don't be shy, post your reply!

All the best


Friday, September 07, 2007


new release!

the song deep performed live in brussels by the elephants was put to video in under an hour.

you can watch it on my betty donelly you tube page

take care


Thursday, September 06, 2007

hello world

a quick aloha from betty donelly, indie trannie musician...

i come from belgium and im very happy to be around

im going to record soon since im planning to participate in the international songcontest i found a drummer who waqnts to join the recordings so it'll be as if it's a full band although i play all other instruments

nuts my bassguitar needs a repair and im sooo out of cash you wouldn't believe it...since i will be recording i won't be able to gig at my online venue

guess i'll be asking mom for some help

the problem is that the deadline for the international songcontest will be 15 october that doesn't leave me much breathing space

it's a fender jazzbass and there's no sound at all...i think it's the switchstickie because it gave me problems before

repair won't cost that much but i just can't cough it up right now

my family seem to want to teach me a lesson everytime i ask them for something....well...i hope mom can help me out this time because tom waits and robert smith are among the judges and even to know that these good people would consider putting my songs on their stereo...i just hope everything goes right.

KISS (keep it simple stupid)

love betty donelly

ps: robert, there seems to be a problem with your otherwise neat ultracure...the high E string plays out of tune higher on the fretboard...otherwise the coolest thing on earth...

Monday, August 13, 2007


dear music lover,

in order to test the online venue i will perform live this saturday august 18 at 6 PM GMT+1 (brussels, copenhagen, etc...)

Here is a TIME ZONE CONVERTOR for your convenience.

just click on the fan and jamchat link on the right hand side of this blog and login into the userplane chat.

So please remember, no need to click the paypal checkout button!!

i hope to see you there on saturday

whish me good luck (i've just had one of these severe flue like colds lately...i hope everything goes right - damn you climat change!)



PS..please join the fan club!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


a brand new betty donelly website has been generated at this hotspot

hello there...i celebrated this occassion by releasing two more worktape recordings on my brand new website (see above) so you can get a taste of what will be recorded (i'm pretty sure)during the second half of august through the first half of september...

anyway, there's more to come

but this post was actually meant to give you the official betty donelly fanclub registration url

to be continued...

Monday, August 06, 2007

new songs added

aloha !

i've posted two new songs here .

Please bear in mind that these are only worktape recordings

please feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

that's it

see ya


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

new betty donelly promo video


just scroll down to see the betty donelly promo video...

it's rather cool although it's just photos and no actual footage. i also posted this video on my my space profile and on you tube.

if you would like to become my friend on my space or you tube or just want to leave a nice comment please be my guest.

i've still had no answer from the copyright office and i might be recording in august with a drummer and maybe a bass player. i still have to contact the latter.the drummer is often abroad for work and in august up until 15 september he will be in the country but he will also go on vacation so i'll be happy if we could get at least a couple of songs recorded.

that's it for now

take care


Sunday, July 22, 2007

online gigs coming soon

hey hi there,

a special announcement :

i will be performing live online in my personal audio/video chatroom once the copyrights for my new songs have cleared. I will send them to my copyright office on monday morning the 23th of july and once they get back to me i can finally start spreading my new material around the globe. Now isn't that fab! there you go...please be patient a little while longer.

the chat facility supports 200 people but i could sure use a moderator to ensure that everything goes right on the computer side of things so that i can concentrate on playing only...if you happen to live in Vlaams Brabant, Belgium please contact me if you would like to help me out (i'm in Zaventem). Please contact me at the following adress: bettydonelly (at) or phone me directly on my landline 0032 2 768.19.54

i also would like to charge a small entrance fee but i'm not sure how to set that up yet... i guess through paypal but i don't have a online payment processing thing going on so if someone in the world could help me out with that i'd be very thankfull if you would contact remember...i don't bite.. but please mind the time zone you and me are in as i also prefer a good night's rest! thanks in advance...

if you would like to join the betty donelly street team just call me or email me!! don't hesitate...

that's it for now

over and out


PS: if you decide to enroll in the betty donelly street team you might be the winner of a lucky draw. the weener takes home a personally authographed polo or tee shirt straight out of betty's closet when she was a please take action now...JOIN THE TEAM...!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

betty donelly reloaded


since there were quite a lot of different betty donelly blogs going on at the same time it was kinda hard for me to keep track of all of i thought it was time for a little spring cleaning although it's a little late now this time of the year. so now i centralised everything on this blog. that way it's much easier to handle.

my gender doctor has confirmed that i have GID (gender identity disorder), which is a term that won't be used much longer since it is in fact not a mental disorder but a psyche/body mismatch which is corrected by transforming the body so that it is aligned with my female psyche. so a better word would be gender dysphoria.

but this is going to be a blog mainly supporting my musical needs. due to financial difficulties i could no longer maintain my homepage so please don't bother looking into that, it's gone!

on the other hand, i have written 12 new songs (7 with full arrangements) but they are not yet copyrighted so i can't start gigging yet. and i'm currently not in a band but that won't keep me from gigging solo once the copyright issue has been taken care of. i think the songs are great even if i say so myself!...

trannies are well known for their magical powers

you can listen to some of my old songs plus my untouchable friend and the void, which i recorded at home with voice two guitars and bass but without drums) here at music forte and here is my indie911 page.

that's it for now

take good care

betty donelly