Sunday, July 22, 2007

online gigs coming soon

hey hi there,

a special announcement :

i will be performing live online in my personal audio/video chatroom once the copyrights for my new songs have cleared. I will send them to my copyright office on monday morning the 23th of july and once they get back to me i can finally start spreading my new material around the globe. Now isn't that fab! there you go...please be patient a little while longer.

the chat facility supports 200 people but i could sure use a moderator to ensure that everything goes right on the computer side of things so that i can concentrate on playing only...if you happen to live in Vlaams Brabant, Belgium please contact me if you would like to help me out (i'm in Zaventem). Please contact me at the following adress: bettydonelly (at) or phone me directly on my landline 0032 2 768.19.54

i also would like to charge a small entrance fee but i'm not sure how to set that up yet... i guess through paypal but i don't have a online payment processing thing going on so if someone in the world could help me out with that i'd be very thankfull if you would contact remember...i don't bite.. but please mind the time zone you and me are in as i also prefer a good night's rest! thanks in advance...

if you would like to join the betty donelly street team just call me or email me!! don't hesitate...

that's it for now

over and out


PS: if you decide to enroll in the betty donelly street team you might be the winner of a lucky draw. the weener takes home a personally authographed polo or tee shirt straight out of betty's closet when she was a please take action now...JOIN THE TEAM...!

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