Thursday, July 12, 2007

betty donelly reloaded


since there were quite a lot of different betty donelly blogs going on at the same time it was kinda hard for me to keep track of all of i thought it was time for a little spring cleaning although it's a little late now this time of the year. so now i centralised everything on this blog. that way it's much easier to handle.

my gender doctor has confirmed that i have GID (gender identity disorder), which is a term that won't be used much longer since it is in fact not a mental disorder but a psyche/body mismatch which is corrected by transforming the body so that it is aligned with my female psyche. so a better word would be gender dysphoria.

but this is going to be a blog mainly supporting my musical needs. due to financial difficulties i could no longer maintain my homepage so please don't bother looking into that, it's gone!

on the other hand, i have written 12 new songs (7 with full arrangements) but they are not yet copyrighted so i can't start gigging yet. and i'm currently not in a band but that won't keep me from gigging solo once the copyright issue has been taken care of. i think the songs are great even if i say so myself!...

trannies are well known for their magical powers

you can listen to some of my old songs plus my untouchable friend and the void, which i recorded at home with voice two guitars and bass but without drums) here at music forte and here is my indie911 page.

that's it for now

take good care

betty donelly

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