Monday, October 18, 2010

Betty Donelly .. too hot to handle ?!

dear friends!

a lot of stuff has been happening lately ..

last week or so the nice folks from AKA music invited me to create a profile to round up producers for Betty Donelly's next release ..

they want me in the recording studio and with YOUR sweet low budget financial support no less!

go here to find out what's it all about ! .. learn more >> !

basically the whole idea is to gather the necessary funds to produce Betty's next album, a seven song EP .. which im working on these days and in the coming months ..

on the AKA profile (this blog post title is also a link to that profile page) everything is explained in detail, including the album title and seven provisory song work titles

no! ... im not sharing the titles here .. you'll really will have to visit the page! ..

but you won't be dissappointed ! .. just look at the darn thing as a Betty Donelly EPK or Electonic Press Kit of sorts ..

it has my main music videos on there,more songs (full versions streams)than on any other Betty Donelly page, some cool photos of previous artwork and all kinda neatly arranged links to my official website and stores and so on and so forth

(just this: autorecognition has placed facebook icons on most of my links i've put on there, even though they aren't FB pages .. so you'll just have to blindly click the links and see where you'll end up! .. sorry bout that little glitch in the system .. not my mistake!)

so .. drop everything you're doing , turn off your telly, radios and switch off your cell phones because you are in for the biggest Betty Donelly surprise treat with songs nowhere else to be found on the worldwide interwebs ..

just do it now .. let yourself go! .. you wi!l be glad you did

here the complete link for you once more :

and also ... it's been my B day .. Happy birthday Betty!

see ya next time !

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Betty Donelly - october 2010 news

hello friends

after my spiritual adventure i guessed i needed some time off away from all musical activities ..

this was also due to the fact that i had just released my debut album 'nightmares of love', available as a physical CD in the Official Betty Donelly Store , and as download in all main well known outlets such as iTunes, eMusic, Spotify and a buncha others which i cannot recall right now ..

oh yes, noteworthy is the fact that i got an invite from Amazon Central to try out their Beta version of their new Amazon Central artists stores thing ...

and also noteworthy ... is another invitation i got from the nice folks over at music downloads retailer Mavaru where i had the opportunity to list my album before the actual store opened up for all artists ... so at the start it was by invitation only and the best thing about Mavaru is that you get to pick your own price for the entire album download as of $1

here's the link :

it had been 5 or 6 years now since 2004, whith the recordings of two songs, my untouchable friend, and the void, which marked the start of Betty Donelly's solo endeavours, that i had been working nearly day and night, at least the first years to get a decent online presence ... and learning stuff about internet marketing and such .. but after all these years, i can hardly say my littlle business is thriving ...

i mean ... i tried all the usual stuff from SEO to social bookmarking, social networking, blogging etc ... but i hardly seem to be getting any results ...

so i think it was july when i cracked and decided to take some months off from all musical activities ...

here's what i ended up doing instead .. at first i thought i'd amuse myself just chatting on this international chatsite which clearly stated it was a website for individuals as well as businesses ..

so even though i considered myself on a break ... i got this clever idea .. i have this medium sized banner of myself whith my logo, my slogan, my photo and my website URL i taped the banner to this big cardboard box i just happened to have lying round from buying a digital drum set ... (more on this later) .. i also registered a permanent room which i would consider to be my business room .. ! .. lol ...

well i placed the banner box right behind me and let the webcam do its work even when i was asleep so the banner with my URL would be always visble ... well .. it lasted some two weeks when i got a message from a site operator urging me to do away with the banner because my website URL was pointing to a commercial store! .. oh man ... now i had been looking at my stats (my Revebrnation stats and in particular the charts positions as well as my official website hits and while it lasted i had some incredible results ..) .. my RN worldwide all genre chart positions went from some 30,000 to around 19,000 ... i had stumbled upon the very best method of getting traffic in quite some time ... without doing much and even while i was asleep ...

i still can't understand why the chat website admins and owners say their website is for business while you can't even point your cam on a piece of vinyl mentioning your website ...

so that triggered me, after like two months of my musical break ... to start working on my music again ....

at first i started playing 10 minutes here and there, quickly being discouraged by my deteriorated musical skills .. my singing and playing has seriously suffered from doing nothing during two months or so ...

but i managed to release two physical CD singles ... to the dance (a four track single) and a two track ultrarare single edition of the void/my untouchable friend .. both are real physical CD's and they are only available in the Official Betty Donelly Store in the stores section of

currently i am starting to feel comfortable playing music again and as i told you i've purchased a digital drum set (you know it looks like real drums only they are rubber pads but although it can be programmed i opted for some gear that can be played with real wooden drum sticks because i know nothing about MIDI .. MIDI is like that programmable music and beats which takes eons to learn if you're very puter savvy and all lol ... i must say i took the conscious decision years ago never to get involved in MIDI and programmable stuff related to music ... it's just not my cuppa tea ! ...

so i will start by re-releasing some songs but with drum parts and i have already been working on the drums of my untouchable friend ... which is a simple pop song ... and as it happens it's my first ever Betty Donelly solo release (2004) ...