Monday, October 18, 2010

Betty Donelly .. too hot to handle ?!

dear friends!

a lot of stuff has been happening lately ..

last week or so the nice folks from AKA music invited me to create a profile to round up producers for Betty Donelly's next release ..

they want me in the recording studio and with YOUR sweet low budget financial support no less!

go here to find out what's it all about ! .. learn more >> !

basically the whole idea is to gather the necessary funds to produce Betty's next album, a seven song EP .. which im working on these days and in the coming months ..

on the AKA profile (this blog post title is also a link to that profile page) everything is explained in detail, including the album title and seven provisory song work titles

no! ... im not sharing the titles here .. you'll really will have to visit the page! ..

but you won't be dissappointed ! .. just look at the darn thing as a Betty Donelly EPK or Electonic Press Kit of sorts ..

it has my main music videos on there,more songs (full versions streams)than on any other Betty Donelly page, some cool photos of previous artwork and all kinda neatly arranged links to my official website and stores and so on and so forth

(just this: autorecognition has placed facebook icons on most of my links i've put on there, even though they aren't FB pages .. so you'll just have to blindly click the links and see where you'll end up! .. sorry bout that little glitch in the system .. not my mistake!)

so .. drop everything you're doing , turn off your telly, radios and switch off your cell phones because you are in for the biggest Betty Donelly surprise treat with songs nowhere else to be found on the worldwide interwebs ..

just do it now .. let yourself go! .. you wi!l be glad you did

here the complete link for you once more :

and also ... it's been my B day .. Happy birthday Betty!

see ya next time !

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

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