Saturday, April 23, 2011

Where did Betty Donelly go now?

So, yeah, where DID Betty Donelly go? ..

As of the year 2010, my passion slowly evolved and an old interest of mine grabbed my attention after many years of inactivity in that particular field. Certainly after i released my debut album, 'Betty Donelly Rocks!', I was due for a musical break and so that's where i am at now.

Instead, my new found passion is to be found in the realms of the Cosmos itself, and in particular human space flight.

So now, i find myself volunteering for an organisation active in the preliminary design studies for  a real space factory/science habitat for 50 occupants as well as a genuine space village for up to 500 people.

And so in October 2013, i created a new website called Space Affairs Consultancy to reflect my new status as a human space flight and space in general community member

Oh yeah, it's all happening right here below:

What about the old Betty Donelly, our musician and what about all you music fans and lovers?

Well, you can still support me! ..

The greatest support for me would be if you would be so kind as to purchase a copy of my debut album or one of my singles:

'Betty Donelly Official Store'

A lot of work has gone into the physical album and singles' artwork so that even though you can buy a direct download of each separate song, i truly recommend you try out one of the physical CD versions.

"I wanna help out Betty but don't feel like buying anything, what do i do?"

Well, thanks, please 'like' the Betty Donelly Facebook page below!

"Where else can i find Betty Donelly on the interwebs?" 

(Currently it just functions as a redirect to Space Affairs Consultancy)

(This is my FB profile if you want to  become my friend)

Or you can try to click one of the many websites available  in the sidebar's Micro Web Maze!


Betty Donelly

Friday, April 15, 2011

Betty migrates her Blogger Blog to

After all these years of maintaining my blog on the Blogger platform, i just made a wise decision and migrated this entire blog over to the platform, and i made sure to use my own domain name

I strongly believe offers so much more in the shape of themes and plugins, and it's totally free ..

Intending on keeping this old Blogger blog, i might not maintain and update it for a while ...

If only for the sake of good old nostalgia, i'll keep all the old post on here as well but the entire blog might serve some other purpose or project in the future ...

So here's the new link to The Official Betty Donelly Blog

That's it .. hope to see you soon on the new Blog

Lights out here at the old Blog!

Betty Donelly