Friday, February 29, 2008

betty donelly gets involved in mental health patients' band


since 7 january 2008, betty donelly is involved in some part time volunteer work in a day activity center for mental health patients..

activities include amongst others painting, sculpting cooking

they have a band which is called the rolling dice...i have engaged myself temporarily to rehearse with the band which plays covers ranging from the beatles, the doors,to brazillian bossanova music to lionel ritchie and's a great way for me to get used to playing in a full band again and i can switch instruments so one day i play the bass guitar and other times i play the drums or guitar...i performed once with the band already and there's more shows coming up

these people are brilliant and i already learned a lot from playing with the rolling playing softer or louder when appropriate...

i'm also involved in weekly dancing lessons which will turn me into a star of the floor when i will go dancing which is something i really enjoy doing

that's it
take good care

and remember, you can donate free rice through the united nations by going to and play the lingo game for as long as possible

Monday, February 25, 2008

great incentive to join the betty donelly network as a street team member


if you're involved in music in any way you definately should consider signing up as a motivated street team member..

you will then be invited into the betty donelly private network..which will be loaded with great information on how to promote your music online aswell as offline..

you will have a blog at your disposal and there's a forum too!

you will be able to get in touch with likeminded individuals's not just about promoting MY stuff, but you will really get something out of it aswell..

i sure can use all the help i can get so please join below!

see you on the inside of the betty donelly network

Saturday, February 23, 2008

new gear may get betty donelly on the road


yesterday was a great day for me..i went to the music store and purchased a set of an electro-acoustic guitar and matching cute little amplifier..

it was a special promotion and the price was 199 €...well i got a softcase and some other stuff that he threw in for a total of 240 €..

since i don't have a car traveling with my gear always was an obstacle to me but now that obstacle has just been removed..

i can easily travel with the amp and softcase...

with my schecter ultracure guitar it would be impossible to perform without a car because then i'd have to carry my fender deluxe plus amp which is way out of my muscle range

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

about the betty donelly network

i've started to attack a blank piece of internet network...there are no members yet i've begun some topics in my forum, which i have to create out of thin air...

even now it can be usefull because i can write here about topics that are music related in one central place, without having to publish it on the world wide internet..remember it's a private area for motivated street team members it's set to private and for now im the only one who can view this material, so i can experiment as much as i want, without really making a fool of myself everytime lol

anyway...i'm not telling i know it all...that's where you (be it as a fan, an experienced musician or someone in between) come into this secret hide out we can all become better at what we do when we stick our heads together and beat the traffic - conversion game to name one specific thing i am having difficulties with
so if you like our music (yes we are two now) please enroll in the mailing list and as a street team member...enroll below..


betty donelly

Sunday, February 17, 2008

take the betty donelly songs POLL !!

be sure to take the poll on my myspace page're opinion matters a lot to me. thank you!

a half hour left to go in my chatroom and no one has visited me ...yet!

i think im gonna explore my space a little more...keeps me busy...

betty donelly profile on My is offline


as it happens, the day i put my story on My whole thing went 'under construction''s been about a week in that state now so please be patient until the site is back up and running

the first chatsession was a disaster i had no visitors at all! and today i forgot about it and logged in two hours into the session...when i arrived the room was empty...

i rode some add trains on myspace and put widgets banners and miniplayers onto the my space bulletins and had a peak of 30 visitors on this blog and an amazing increase though in my myspace profile views ...but these are ridiculous small amounts in comparison to my first official web ... where the first month of the launch i had 70000 hits and the next month 50000. ...i lost that one because i didn't have a credit card anymore...i had bought the domain name at hostbaby, which is a very cool way to get acquainted which the musical online world but i couldn't pay online anymore so my domain name has been in the hands of the likes of tucows and microsoft...but pays off to spend a whole day or night behind your puter to get things going on my web...even though it's still about small numbers...i strongly believe that every listener counts and that if you feel moved or touched by my music i welcome your feedback even if it is negative comments i can still learn from it and i do listen to what our listeners have to say...but everything here bathes in silence and lonesome being and i want things to start happening so if you like what you read see and hear through this blog then by all means...SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT BETTY DONELLY ...!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

spicy betty donelly secrets revealed for the first time


betty donelly speaks openly to the general public for the first time..

read all the juicy details in the about me section of this cute indie community page

please don't choke on it..


Saturday, February 09, 2008

NEW...betty donelly network

betty donelly is proud to introduce the betty donelly's a private members only area for the betty donelly street team...if you want to join you can sign up as a fan below and mark that you also wanna be a street team will then be invited to this superb private members only street team !


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

about the betty donelly fanclub

hello dear music lover,

if you are interested in becoming a betty donelly fan please take out some time to read this post

love as always

your betty

ps: rate betty donelly songs on betty donelly page...hint: you can download three of my songs there for's the ones that i sent in to the international songwriting competition. i didn't make it it into the finals though...oh well...better luck next time

chat with betty donelly

hey hey,

i have been neglecting my chat facility for some time i was thinking to fix a day per week where i would be available in my chatroom (see sidebar, links section "betty donelly fan and jamchat")...

but with me being here in belgium and all, it's difficult to find the right time to globally chat, especially with people from the US, or let alone new zealand or australia.. and especially if you want to play music with me, which by the way is perfectly possible in my topnotch audio/video chat facility.

so lemme about every sunday from 7PM GMT+1 till 10 PM (i believe that would translate to 1PM-4PM EST/GMT-5)

you can find the link to my chatrooom on the sidebar of this page , under the links section....or you can click through here to get there...see YOU on the other's a no age restriction zone so please keep your language clean...! thank you


betty donelly

ps: why don't you take out some time to vist my my space page

upcoming shows

hello again,

betty donelly really kicks off the year by surprising friends and enemies alike!...

with no band, no car and not even a driver's license i dared to apply for an audition for two shows in brussels near the end of june...the audition will take place in may and if i have to i'll just take my acoustic guitar and take the bus to get there! in this show, which consists of several acts i am allowed to only play two songs or 15 minutes

also coming up in may is an open mike concert, also in brussels where i will get to play my full repertoire, which is about ten songs by now...i know i know, i do have more songs recorded but some of them i forgot how to play and i can't find the right chords and stuff anymore!

next i will be applying for a gig in the city of leuven, belgium in the depot where there's also an open mike every month....i will be allowed to play three songs...

i hope by then i will have found someone with a car to take care of the transport otherwise i will be forced to perform with my acoustic guitar (no jacks).....oh that time i better buy some light gauge strings because now it hurts so much to play that guitar and it's not good for the overall quality of my playing, even with medium gauge strings

spread love around

betty donelly

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

betty donelly and the international songwriting competition

hi there,

i didn't make it to the finals of the international songwriting competition..
does that mean my music is crap? worhtless and should i give up?..betty doesn't think so...i do think it's time to rethink my songwriting capabilities, learn to write better songs and ...most important...get a band together...i took the bull by the horns and today i asked this cute girl i know if she would be interested in playing the bass guitar in my upcoming band and she said yes! i know it's not the first time someone agreed to work with me and then it didn't work out.i had this problem when i was looking for a drummer...

but i think this girl is really motivated and ready to go...let's hope would certainly kickstart the new year in a very good sense...

anyway...i won't let my hair down and i'm ready to fight the fight more than ever before..

if you would like to comment on my songs please do so..i could use any reviews of my songs because i lack the opinions of unbiased listeners...of course, me, myself and i think my music rocks...but what do you think...?

you can listen to the songs i entered for the competition here

go for it!

ps: don't forget to play the free rice can mean dead or alive for hungry children in developing countries (see my previous post)

as always


your betty