Tuesday, February 05, 2008

betty donelly and the international songwriting competition

hi there,

i didn't make it to the finals of the international songwriting competition..
does that mean my music is crap? worhtless and should i give up?..betty doesn't think so...i do think it's time to rethink my songwriting capabilities, learn to write better songs and ...most important...get a band together...i took the bull by the horns and today i asked this cute girl i know if she would be interested in playing the bass guitar in my upcoming band and she said yes!...now i know it's not the first time someone agreed to work with me and then it didn't work out.i had this problem when i was looking for a drummer...

but i think this girl is really motivated and ready to go...let's hope so...it would certainly kickstart the new year in a very good sense...

anyway...i won't let my hair down and i'm ready to fight the fight more than ever before..

if you would like to comment on my songs please do so..i could use any reviews of my songs because i lack the opinions of unbiased listeners...of course, me, myself and i think my music rocks...but what do you think...?

you can listen to the songs i entered for the competition here

go for it!

ps: don't forget to play the free rice game...it can mean dead or alive for hungry children in developing countries (see my previous post)

as always


your betty

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