Sunday, February 17, 2008

betty donelly profile on My is offline


as it happens, the day i put my story on My whole thing went 'under construction''s been about a week in that state now so please be patient until the site is back up and running

the first chatsession was a disaster i had no visitors at all! and today i forgot about it and logged in two hours into the session...when i arrived the room was empty...

i rode some add trains on myspace and put widgets banners and miniplayers onto the my space bulletins and had a peak of 30 visitors on this blog and an amazing increase though in my myspace profile views ...but these are ridiculous small amounts in comparison to my first official web ... where the first month of the launch i had 70000 hits and the next month 50000. ...i lost that one because i didn't have a credit card anymore...i had bought the domain name at hostbaby, which is a very cool way to get acquainted which the musical online world but i couldn't pay online anymore so my domain name has been in the hands of the likes of tucows and microsoft...but pays off to spend a whole day or night behind your puter to get things going on my web...even though it's still about small numbers...i strongly believe that every listener counts and that if you feel moved or touched by my music i welcome your feedback even if it is negative comments i can still learn from it and i do listen to what our listeners have to say...but everything here bathes in silence and lonesome being and i want things to start happening so if you like what you read see and hear through this blog then by all means...SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT BETTY DONELLY ...!!

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