Wednesday, February 06, 2008

upcoming shows

hello again,

betty donelly really kicks off the year by surprising friends and enemies alike!...

with no band, no car and not even a driver's license i dared to apply for an audition for two shows in brussels near the end of june...the audition will take place in may and if i have to i'll just take my acoustic guitar and take the bus to get there! in this show, which consists of several acts i am allowed to only play two songs or 15 minutes

also coming up in may is an open mike concert, also in brussels where i will get to play my full repertoire, which is about ten songs by now...i know i know, i do have more songs recorded but some of them i forgot how to play and i can't find the right chords and stuff anymore!

next i will be applying for a gig in the city of leuven, belgium in the depot where there's also an open mike every month....i will be allowed to play three songs...

i hope by then i will have found someone with a car to take care of the transport otherwise i will be forced to perform with my acoustic guitar (no jacks).....oh that time i better buy some light gauge strings because now it hurts so much to play that guitar and it's not good for the overall quality of my playing, even with medium gauge strings

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betty donelly

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