Friday, August 22, 2014

My interpersonal transdimensional cosmic giggle - status update of August 2014

Hello everyone

This morning i felt compelled to write something on my old blogger blog and pump some new life into it.

I'll try to explain what i'm up to and what's going on with me these days.

So, i dunno, maybe two years ago i started a new website called and it's slowly taking shape only nowadays.

Featured on the website are some clever semi in-depth short essays on space exploration and colonising the moon in particular. That's how the website initially got started.

But something happened in 2014 which triggered events to unfold in such ways so that these events pleaded for my undivided attention and could provide for some newfound virtual space to explore.

I'm talking about one of the oldest events in the history of conscious cosmology and a phenomenon not yet very well understood by the mainstream folks, theologans, philosophers, and scientists, or it it? Answer is that no one has a clue.

At least personally i believe i left behind this amalgam of realms of htis kind knowledge and since i'm in a relatively comfy virtual observational outpost which also functions as my established basecamp and playground so i can quite safely and securely deploy sensing gear and spectral transponders all while wearing the subjective hat so that both objectivity and subjectivity in the observer engulfs the same objects of subject matter to be placed into the microlens recepticles.

Other nauts have tried several methods to gain deep understanding of something called The cosmic Giggle but i believe that if one does not apply both subjectivity and objectivity in one's observations one's understanding of this special phenomenon won't even reach subtransdimensionality trajectories.

After dealing wiht some initial material and spiritial creations of the transdimensional beings, emerging as observable facts, my status report about these intertransdimensional entities clearly shows not just intelligence and intent, but also emotion and a recognisable sense that they too, as i do, want to open the communication lines accross the flowerly chrysanthemum membrane, which is no easy task, but a task that i feel must be done nonetheless.

My latest article briefly touches this newfound playground and i hope to get something consistent out of the data i was able to sample just enough to arouse a hellova interest in these matters. The article really instilled a change in me and seeded me with the joy to see what's coming next over the transdimensional event horizon.

A couple days after writing the article about The Cosmic giggle i was enticed to try out blogging again so that resulted in this blog post

The blog post that followed might set a new writing habit in myself and thus something to keep me busy:


Betty Donelly