Wednesday, February 06, 2008

chat with betty donelly

hey hey,

i have been neglecting my chat facility for some time i was thinking to fix a day per week where i would be available in my chatroom (see sidebar, links section "betty donelly fan and jamchat")...

but with me being here in belgium and all, it's difficult to find the right time to globally chat, especially with people from the US, or let alone new zealand or australia.. and especially if you want to play music with me, which by the way is perfectly possible in my topnotch audio/video chat facility.

so lemme about every sunday from 7PM GMT+1 till 10 PM (i believe that would translate to 1PM-4PM EST/GMT-5)

you can find the link to my chatrooom on the sidebar of this page , under the links section....or you can click through here to get there...see YOU on the other's a no age restriction zone so please keep your language clean...! thank you


betty donelly

ps: why don't you take out some time to vist my my space page

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