Wednesday, February 20, 2008

about the betty donelly network

i've started to attack a blank piece of internet network...there are no members yet i've begun some topics in my forum, which i have to create out of thin air...

even now it can be usefull because i can write here about topics that are music related in one central place, without having to publish it on the world wide internet..remember it's a private area for motivated street team members it's set to private and for now im the only one who can view this material, so i can experiment as much as i want, without really making a fool of myself everytime lol

anyway...i'm not telling i know it all...that's where you (be it as a fan, an experienced musician or someone in between) come into this secret hide out we can all become better at what we do when we stick our heads together and beat the traffic - conversion game to name one specific thing i am having difficulties with
so if you like our music (yes we are two now) please enroll in the mailing list and as a street team member...enroll below..


betty donelly

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