Friday, February 29, 2008

betty donelly gets involved in mental health patients' band


since 7 january 2008, betty donelly is involved in some part time volunteer work in a day activity center for mental health patients..

activities include amongst others painting, sculpting cooking

they have a band which is called the rolling dice...i have engaged myself temporarily to rehearse with the band which plays covers ranging from the beatles, the doors,to brazillian bossanova music to lionel ritchie and's a great way for me to get used to playing in a full band again and i can switch instruments so one day i play the bass guitar and other times i play the drums or guitar...i performed once with the band already and there's more shows coming up

these people are brilliant and i already learned a lot from playing with the rolling playing softer or louder when appropriate...

i'm also involved in weekly dancing lessons which will turn me into a star of the floor when i will go dancing which is something i really enjoy doing

that's it
take good care

and remember, you can donate free rice through the united nations by going to and play the lingo game for as long as possible

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