Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Betty Donelly joins the International Songwriting Competition!

Betty Donelly joins the International Songwriting Competition!

One week after celebrating my fourthiest birthday with some close friends of mine it was time to start thinking about the International Songwriting Competition.
The deadline was 15 october (on a sunday), but the post office closed its doors on friday 12 october at 5 PM.
On Monday I had a friend musician come over to give me some tips and tricks for the recordings and to help with the selection of the songs. Eventually we settled on three songs which had to be recorded in three days (tuesday, wednessday and thursday), leaving friday to do some final mixing (that's what i thought), burn the songs onto cd and get it posted before 5 PM friday...Eventually the envelope was stamped at 3 PM!

Two of the songs had minor changes compared to the original versions and one song (in this moment) was lacking a bassline altogether. The first two days I was on schedule and had recorded epyphites and the godly machine, but on thursday i still had to invent the bassline to 'in this moment' and was quite running out of time...You see, I had to invent it then practice the bassline and record it error-free...You surely can imagine that I was getting a bit nervous as the day went by and as I had to stop playing at 10 PM so to not disturb the neighbours. It seemed like I was getting nowhere but in the end I managed just fine and considering the deadline (which by the way is now extended until somwhere in november), i can say that i am quite pleased with the result...Sure, it still sounds amateurish but hey, i did it didn't I?...

I posted the songs on my betarecords page .

I presented the songs to ISC in the following order:
1. in this moment (NEW SONG RELEASE)
2. epyhites alt. version
3. the godly machine alt. version

I would very much appreciate any comments you might don't be shy, post your reply!

All the best


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