Thursday, September 06, 2007

hello world

a quick aloha from betty donelly, indie trannie musician...

i come from belgium and im very happy to be around

im going to record soon since im planning to participate in the international songcontest i found a drummer who waqnts to join the recordings so it'll be as if it's a full band although i play all other instruments

nuts my bassguitar needs a repair and im sooo out of cash you wouldn't believe it...since i will be recording i won't be able to gig at my online venue

guess i'll be asking mom for some help

the problem is that the deadline for the international songcontest will be 15 october that doesn't leave me much breathing space

it's a fender jazzbass and there's no sound at all...i think it's the switchstickie because it gave me problems before

repair won't cost that much but i just can't cough it up right now

my family seem to want to teach me a lesson everytime i ask them for something....well...i hope mom can help me out this time because tom waits and robert smith are among the judges and even to know that these good people would consider putting my songs on their stereo...i just hope everything goes right.

KISS (keep it simple stupid)

love betty donelly

ps: robert, there seems to be a problem with your otherwise neat ultracure...the high E string plays out of tune higher on the fretboard...otherwise the coolest thing on earth...

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