Tuesday, May 11, 2010

into The Void ! (part 2)

so here's part 2 of my trip to Steenwijk, a village way up north in holland ...

so when the coffeeshop seemed to close, i went to a bar just 2 houses to the left in the same street .. at first people were somewhat weary of me but that soon made place for respect ...

i started chatting with the different boys and girls in the bar and some of us ended up doing a real karaoke hehe

then i met this chinese bloke who came into the bar around 2:30 AM i believe ..

i was asking around if there'd be some other bar open because this one was also going to close ...

and so this chinese guy invited me to yet another place where i could actually dance

it was so awesome ! ... i danced the hours away and was totally sweaty allover to the point where my eyes would hurt from the moisture in my make up ... well just some eyeliner!

then the lady behind the bar hung a ring of flowers onto my neck ...

i knew i was accepted here in Steenwijk ..

but then this bar closed also and the chinese guy offfered to go at his place ...

i stepped into a chinese restaurant and the boy was like you are my guest, please be seated ... and such ... i drank coffee because it'd keep me wide awake ..

well i won't go into any further details but i can officially confirm that nothing happened .. ...

i had to get to my sleeping quarters place for breakfast and since i kinda lost where i was at the boy sent for a taxi which he gladly paid ..

so i got 'home' just at it turned 7 AM ...and the lady and i had a splendid breakfast

.. in order to fully well being able to do the workshop i only ate one sandwich, and some bits from the other things that adourned the table

also spending a white night, or not sleeping during the previous night and playing my life out to the fullest this important night .. we'll it was very important to me

remember im still preparing myself for that spiritual quest i was about to embark on

i had been studying the matter of reunion with the Ultimate Cosmic Creative Source

that was my intention to achieve this reunion

but how the workshop played itself out is something i'll tell you next time!

more to come ..

Light and Love

Betty Donelly

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