Saturday, May 23, 2009

three NEW RELEASES at once @ betty donelly

hello friends

it is my pleasure to announce some songs i've just uploaded ..

first and most important NEW SINGLE is one of the earliest betty donelly gems ever written ..

the new single is called SO HARD and is featured as the first song on

please note that you should stop the autoplay Reverbnation player on my myspace page before hitting the play button on the regular myspace player...

and i've also got a surprise...

here you can preview the song in its entirety : THE ELEPHANTS w/ betty donelly

the song is available as a FAN EXCLUSIVE free download on SIGNUP in the designated box just below ...


as i am currently recording my complete repertoire (still a long way to go though), there will be major changes and updates in my Reverbnation and myspace players and certainly in the FAN EXCLUSIVE free dowloads section...

in other words, more songs will be made available BETTY DONELLY FAN EXCLUSIVES!

i sure hope to see you on my side, and join the rest of us by signing up in the SIGN UP BOX above

your privacy is respected and protected by myself and strict rules on REVERBNATION!

thanks for reading this post...

your friend

betty donelly

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