Wednesday, April 02, 2008

betty donelly mini tour 2008


it's been a while since my last post but i had some computer trouble..someone ..a close friend of mine..sent me a nasty computer virus through msn and it took me a few weeks to solve the problem..

it's ok computer is virus free again ..

i've been working on the betty donelly podcasts page and assembled and submitted my very first podcast.. check it's nothing's just the three songs i entered into the international songwriting competition without interruption..and i also changed the order of the songs.. one of my previous posts i mentioned i would get together with stefania (bass guitar) and that i'd be demoing a song with a production company..but the two deals never saw the sunlight so i deleted those posts.

but as it happens my new years' resolution..the only one i made for 2008 is really coming to shape...a mini tour that will kick off on 25 april in an intimate secret setting for a selected audience...that same day i will perform twice...once on my own and the other show will be as bassist and drummer of the rolling dice...they are a cover band and we will perform songs by the beatles, the doors, the rolling stones, lionel richie and others...i will take on the drums on three'll be a real challenge playing drums's been a while :o)...but then again i already performed on drums with the rolling dice in january 2008, so i'm quite hopefull..

some concert dates are already fixed: 25 april (secret gig), 27 april in Kortenberg,BE...15 may (that's a maybe since i have to go through an audition for that one) in Kortenberg,BE and 28/29 june in Brussels,BE

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