Tuesday, July 29, 2008

become a believer...get this artist into the studio


do you believe in betty donelly?...now is your chance to become an official betty donelly believer and force her to produce an album with the best professionals out there and in the best studio a $50.000 budget can afford!

how?...please read all about it HERE

i registered with SELLABAND just yesterday and the first donations have been made already..

the goal is to raise a recording budget of $50.000 in as short a notice as possible...the bottom line idea is that you can buy "$10 parts"...so if i can convince 5000 believers to buy one betty donelly "part" for just $10, or 2500 believers buying 2 parts each, then i will be appointed an A&R guy, and a topnotch producer and studio.., and i will have to deliver a MASTER within six months from attaining the $50.000 budget goal!

i most certainly believe in you!...so please become a betty donelly believer!

here's the direct special LINK again

have a great day all of you!

betty donelly

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