Tuesday, June 03, 2008

ionsonic.com exclusive betty donelly release


betty has just released a new home recording called 'the storm will never pass'

the song is not new though (2005)...but the recording is..

you can find it here: the storm will never pass

the song means a lot to me...i played this song in 2006 at the funeral of two of my friends who committed suicide by jumping in front of a passing train hand in hand...i just replaced the words 'me' and 'i' to 'you'.

on this page, a remake of 'in the begin' can be found as well...i think it's better than the reverbnation version, in which the solo guitar had a lot of mistakes...so i will replace the reverbnation version with the remake recording as soon as i am able...i'm not a solo guitar player, but being a solo artist forces me to take up that task...i try my hardest and i sure need to practice a lot if i want to get into the studio...

i have plans in that direction...i found a studio for 15 €/hour..which is dead cheap..

i want to demo three songs..my best songs..but i'm still unsure as to which ones i should choose...

if you have any suggestions, contact me please...just scroll down to the very bottom of this blog and use the 'CONTACT US' link...thanks..!

end of reel

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