Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A Giant Leap for Music Artists in Space! .. Live song Blue Sky from Houston Ground Control direct uplink to Shuttle Discovery Wakie call .. on Day 13!

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A Giant Leap for Music Artists!

The day before touch down at Kennedy Space center in Florida, scheduled for Wednesday, a band got to play the wake up call song for Tuesday March 8, 2011 for the historic event that started more than a week ago that marks the end of the Shuttle era ..

It's been three long decades and the they Shuttle that was chosen for the last flight .. (Although i know from good source that more Shuttle flights are on their way such as STS-134 and STS-135) .. was the good old Discovery

Well anyway, day 2 of the Shuttle flight back home, started out with the traditional wakie call, and today this song was performed live from Houston Main Ground Control .. i couldn't quite make up the first part of the band's name but it was "... and the monsters" .. the fact that the song Blue Sky was perfomed live with a direct coneection to the Discovery In Flight was also a Historic Event .. this should be noted by all artists and people who are into music ..

I can tell you that at this moment there is some radio silence goin on but i believe that we gonna have a safe flight back from the old Workhorse Discovery ..

The relative motions i discussed in my report at


are such a new event that we really took really good care of the situation during the STS-133 flight home to Florida on day 2 after undocking from the ISS .. The relative motions were examined on day 2 of the Flight back home this will greatly and positively impact all further space missions ..!

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